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If you follow me on social media, you have probably realized that my sister got married some weeks ago. I shared some bits on my Insta stories throughout the day, and what a happy day it was! However, I did not show you everything. While I put on fancy heels for the ceremony, these were replaced shortly after for some comfortable ballerinas. And not any ballerinas, but my very first Josefinas!

You may remember that I’ve talked about Josefinas before (see here), and even got inspired by their designs to make my own faux fur panels for sneakers (see here). I have been following the brand since its beginning, always dreaming that one day I could add it to my wardrobe. But why are Josefinas so special? Josefinas are a Portuguese shoe brand, founded by a young woman who, as many of us, had a dream. Josefinas are nowadays a brand regularly talked about in the international press, making its way to the first rows of fashion week in the feet of the most stylish women on the planet, and they have just opened their first flagship store in New York! Inspiring, don’t you think?

So how did these beauties made it into my closet? They were my birthday present from my love, the man behind the camera and the smiles ;)  You can’t imagine my happy face when I opened that box!

Josefinas are handcrafted in Portugal and taken to your doorstep with the most care. Quality, comfort, and pretty all together. Yes! When receiving them we realized that the size I had picked (35) was a bit too tight. And I really wanted to take them to my sister’s wedding… When I called customer service and explained the situation, they managed to get to my home within two days a size 35.5 and a size 36, as to make sure that I would have the right fit in one of those and make it to the wedding. I simply then returned the sizes that didn’t fit – in the end I’m a size 35.5 :) What a great experience! I danced all night in these super comfortable ballerinas and had a really wonderful time at the wedding. Only wishing sis all the happiness in the world – Parabéns Ju!

Outfit details

Shoes – Josefinas; Dress – Zara (SS16); Rings & Earings – Pandora
















Pictures by C.E.

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Did you know about Josefinas? Have you ordered with them before? Or do you have something on your wishlist? Let me know by leaving a comment below! I’m loving the Cheshire Cat ballerinas. And who knows, Christmas is coming soon :)





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  1. Cátia your outfit for your sister´s weeding was absolutely beautiful! You looked like a princess! That Josefinas look great on you and really fits your style. I am not a ballerina person so I don´t wear it, although of course these Josefinas are really really cute! :) Also your hair was awesome, loved it!!! Great choice! xx

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