Warm days call for off-the-shoulder



The weather has been nice and I made myself another off-the-shoulder top. This time a pink one. I really hope you’re not tired of this off-the-shoulder obsession that I’m in right now, because I’m not done yet! I still have fabric left for at least another top and a dress. Hope you like this one!

Indeed the weather lately has been a treat and I really take all the chances I have to wear my favourite summer tops, shorts and dresses. Since off-the-shoulder tops are quite an easy make (and *the trend* this summer), I self drafted another one. This one is a variation from the last one I made (see here). I want to make them all different so I just twist some details on the pattern. I think this style is also very cute. It gives a happy feeling to my look, which matches perfectly my mood on sunny days :)


Outfit details

Off-the-shoulder top – DIY; Shorts – Mango; Sandals – Steve Madden








Pictures by C.E.



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If you cannot bring yourself to make one of these tops yourself, check the one I linked above, which is very similar. I will still go on vacation (2 weeks to go – yay!), and so I will make some other off-the-shoulder pieces meanwhile to bring with me to sunny Algarve! I’m also finishing a refashioning project – that I think you’re going to love – and I’m super busy with work because you know time is ticking and I need to finish my PhD next year. So stick with me and be patient because I really cannot commit to post as much as I would want/like, but it really will be busy in the upcoming year. I’ll do my best to keep you posted on my projects and inspire you, as I like to do! For now enjoy these summer days and let me know what do you think of my new handmade top and this look!




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  1. Hey Cátia!! This top is really cute, nicely done! It really looks like the one from Mango in the link. I really like this trend although did not have the opportunity to try it yet. Hoping to see the other ones you will make! :) xx

    1. Hey girl :)

      Thanks! I’m really excited to finish the new ones and bring them to Algarve with me! Can’t wait for vacation and to stretch summer as much as possible :D xx

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