Underwear as outerwear

€29,99 by Mango (available here)

Underwear as outerwear is a big trend for Spring/Summer ’16. Bringing your bedroom clothes to daylight may be seem a bit crazy at first, if you’re not on the catwalk, or on stage. However, designers and brands have invested in romantic colours and nice details, that, when worn properly, may really turn a daily outfit into something special. The options are immense. Slip dresses, bodies, and singlet tops, in satin, silk or lace. A sexy/romantic trend that you will see around and that you can find in most stores. I’ve picked some ‘on budget’ favourites and have listed some tips on how to nail your lingerie by day!



€9,99 by H&M (available here)



€29,99 by H&M (available here)



€99,95 by Massimo Dutti (available here)



€17,95 by Zara (available here)



€15,95 by Zara (available here)



€49,99 by H&M (available here)



€35,99 by Pull and Bear (available here)


How to wear it

When trying to combine this kind of pieces into your outfit, keep in mind that the trick is to play it down. Seriously, here less is really more. If you’re opting for a lace body or a satin singlet top, pair them with jeans and casual cardigans. For the slip dress, avoid wearing tights. You can wear the slip dress over some jeans and t-shirt, or wait for warmer days and wear it just with sandals and a casual jacket (a nice bomber or a denim coat will do fine!). When trying out transparencies, be careful and do not show ‘too much’. You want to reveal something, not all! So you can play with some layering for example or choose pieces that just have some lace transparencies here and there, I think those work the best. Last week I was wearing a top with lace details, in a very casual way (see here). I would like to try the slip dress, but I’ll wait for the summer and see how the satins and silks work at high temperatures.



What do you think? Will you adventure? Let us know by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to add any tips you have in mind about how to wear this trend.





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  1. Like all of them, but specially the white one from H&M! Love this trend! I think lace when is used correctly is classy and at the same time is sexy, romantic, I just love lace. I will try to invest more in this new trend and that white body from H&M will be on my buying list! Thanks Catia! xx

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