Trends – Les Mules

€59,95 by Zara (available here)
€59,95 by Zara (available here)


The mules have made a come back since last Summer, but I have been ignoring them. Is it because they are usually not very flattering and practical? Or did I always think they are old people kinda shoes? I think both.  However when you browse through the new collections for Spring and Summer they are still there, and they definitely look better than ever before. Maybe so good that I’ll change my mind?

You can now find mules in every colour and material, high, mid ou low heels, casual and chic. A whole world of styles elevating the 90’s shoe that modern women want to wear.


€45,07 by Asos (available here)


€79,99 by Mango (available here)


€19,72 by Asos (available here)


€179,95 by Won Hundred (available here)


€29,95 by Zara (available here)



€63,38 by Park Lane (available here)


€675,00 by  Charlotte Olympia (available here)

And if you had doubts of how stylish they can be, take a look at how Charlotte from The Fashion Guitar wears them. And more recently the look that made me reconsider my loss of passion for mules came from Paola, from the Blank Itinerary.


How do you feel about the mules? Are you willing to give them a try, now that they are prettier than ever before? Let us know by leaving a comment below!




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  1. Hey Babe!! I think the first four are pretty cool and don´t feel like they are old people kinda shoes, but not practical maybe…I am still not use to high heels so it is not comfortable for me at all. I am still working on that, because I love high heels and they can make a huge different in your outfit! The last four for me are more old people kinda shoes. :)

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