Transitional pieces for Spring

Biker jacket – €59,95 by Mango (available here); Blouse – €99,99 by Mango (available here); Kick flared jeans – €29,99 by H&M (available here); Bag – €39,95 by Zara (available here); Shoes – €99 by Uterque (available here)

Spring is here, but so is the cold weather that refuses to go away. Here are some ideas to slowly start moving to Spring clothes!


Raining jacket – €49,95 by Zara (available here); Lace dress – €49,99 by Mango (available here); Backpack – €19,95 by Zara (available here); Raining boots – €59,95 by Aigle (available here)



Sweater – €35,99 by Mango (available here); Denim shirt – €29,99 by Mango (available here); Jeans – €39,99 by Mango (available here); Lace-up ballerinas – €29,99 by Mango (available here); Bag – €189,95 by Moschino (available here)



Trench coat – €29,95 by Stradivarius (available here); Dress – €39,99 by Mango (available here); Shoes – €19,95 by Zara (available here); Bag – €29,99 by Parfois (available here)


My rule for these days is to layer. Layer up as much as you can, so you’re sure you’re always ready for whatever the weather is doing that day. Apart from layering, using cardigans, scarfs and t-shirts, there are some key pieces that can help you on a smooth transition. The biker leather jackets are a great option to leave behind the winter overcoats. If you use a cardigan underneath, and a scarf you’re still warm enough, without all the bulk from Winter wear. Because Spring doesn’t always comes with sunny days, make sure you have appropriate raining gear. A decent raining coat paired with fun raining boots, can make your outfit pop even in the darker raining days. A chambray shirt is also a key piece to have in your wardrobe this season. During the colder days you can add a warm sweater on top, and for the warmer days just use it over a top, with the sleeves rolled up. And of course we can’t forget the classics. The trench coat is the coat to have during this season. You can just cover up and feel warm while you need to move around in the colder days, and it can even protect you from some occasional rain. Plus, a trench coat is always a classy piece that will look good layered with pretty much anything.


I hope these tips help you and inspire your wardrobe for the upcoming weeks! And if you have extra ideas, let us know by leaving a comment bellow.





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  1. The last one is my favorite! I love that color! The weather is so unpredictable that I always bring my umbrella and a jacket with me… In the morning is really hot, afternoon really cold, seriously, it is really hard to find the perfect outfit for the whole day… xx

    1. haha If you find it unpredictable in Portugal, imagine in the Netherlands!
      I really love that colour too. I really want those pink shoes! Aren’t they lovely? xx

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