The silk scarf: autumn edition


Styling the silk scarf with a warm sweater for a polished autumn look!

It’s officially sweater weather and yet it is so hard to find something that will really keep you warm and look stylish at the same time. Sometimes I find some cute trendy sweaters (like this one and this one) but get disappointed by the materials, often acrylic, polyester, and nylon based. They don’t feel good against my skin and I don’t feel they’re durable, so I avoid them as I don’t see these pieces as something worth investing in – after all, I’m trying to build a more conscious and long-lasting wardrobe! On the other hand, good quality and interesting pieces are often out of reach, since they’re more on the high-end side – how lovely is this one, this one, and this one

I have learned to knit in part to solve this issue in my wardrobe. While it is also a great activity to relax (once you know what you’re doing!), knitting your own sweaters allows you more freedom in materials, designs, and colors. I’m currently half-way my first knitted sweater! Knitting, especially as a beginner, can take a long time to achieve a finished product. Sewing is faster and if you find the right fabrics it can also be highly rewarding. Last winter I sewed this sweater inspired by a piece I loved from J.Crew, and I have just recently finished my CocowawaCrafts Chestnut top in merino wool (coming to the blog soon)!

What I also often do is to buy more affordable good quality basics and then style them with a silk scarf or a beautiful collar. The 100% merino wool sweaters from Benetton are one of my favorites for this. They’re basic, warm, good quality sweaters, and come in a wide range of colors every season.

Outfit details

Silk scarf  – old (bought in a street market in Shanghai); Sweater – Benetton; Shoes – Zara (last seen here); Trousers – Handmade by The petite Cat (Burda Style Pattern)




Shot by C.E.; Edit & Concept by The petite Cat

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Shop the look


I always love to add a silk scarf if my sweaters are just plain solids. Accessorize has an amazing selection of scarfs in designer-like prints at affordable prices (like this onethis onethis one, and this one). There are many different ways to style a silk scarf around your neck. I like to tie mine with a bow, but you could simply make a knot.

An alternative to the scarf that I also love to wear, is a beautiful collar. Layering your sweater with a shirt like this one or this one will give you a more polished autumn/winter look.

I hope you find these ideas useful. I think both the scarf and the collar would work well for an office-proof look, while you can keep comfortable and warm!

How are you styling your sweaters this season?




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