The rockets pajamas


Another little project, this time for a little boy. The amazing rockets pajamas are finished and ready to take my little nephew’s dreams to outer space! Did I already say how much I love this fabric?


















The fabric with the rockets was bought from Keetje Knutsel Fabrics (available here). I bought a really small piece, because initially I had planned only to make small trousers. As I thought about it more I decided I could make a matching sweater, for which I bought later another piece of blue knit (trying to match both blues as much as possible). I added red rib knit fabric for the neckline and for the sleeve cuffs of the sweater. The same red rib knit was used to finish the trousers. I added it at the bottom and used it also for the waistband. I decided to include drawstrings to finalize the waistband. I think it will work better than elastic, as babies grow quite fast and you want the trousers to be as comfortable as possible. I sewed everything with my normal sewing machine, using a zig zag stitch to keep the stretch of the fabric. I finished the hem on the sweater with a stretch double needle, to make that nice row of parallel stitches. For this final step I changed the stitch length, and made it a bit longer, and lowered the tension on the machine a bit.


Both pieces were just drafted from existing clothes on the baby’s size. This will fit a baby between 6 and 9 months. It is a very easy process to just replicate these most basic pieces, but doing it yourself allows you to be creative and use the cutest fabrics. Which is great, because sometimes is really hard to find clothes for baby boys which have nice colours and fabric designs.


This is probably my last project for kids for a while, but I really enjoyed the experience and I hope my little nephew will enjoy his pajamas a lot!


Hope you like it too! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below :)






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  1. I can’t believe you made a pajama for your nephew!! Can you be my aunt too?? :P Well just like the little dress you made for your niece, this fabric is also so so so cute! Do I need to say how much I love rockets?! ahah Amazing Cátia! You are so talented!! Congratulations! xx

    1. Haha! I couldn’t resist the fabric, you know me ;)
      And it was fun to make it too. While finishing the sleeves I really wished I had a baby size machine! It’s all so tiny :D
      Very happy you like it!

      Beijinhos ***

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