Sunset at the Marina



This is my last summer look – I promise! I know it’s getting cold. I have already packed away all my summer clothes. But I needed to share with you these pictures we took in the most beautiful sunset at the marina of Lagos! I hope it warms your heart ;)

This year again I’m saying goodbye to summer in this dress, what a coincidence! Which is a good sign because it tells you (and me!) how much I actually wear it. Easy to wear, beautiful lace details and bell sleeves, it is still one of my favorites. It’s a light summer dress, perfect for the beach that I bought in a crazy sale at H&M last year.

When heading to the beach, an absolute essential for me is a hat. I cannot be under the sun without it. My hair is very thin and without a hat I burn my head, which is extremely unpleasant in case you never experienced it. Large hats like this one are great because they also protect my face and my neck from undesired burns, especially when I get lost in whatever novel I’m reading and totally forget re-application time!


Outfit details

Dress – H&M (old); Hat – Ale Hop; Bag – Ale Hop; Sandals – Sacha Shoes













Pictures by C.E.



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I’ve spent every single summer of my life at the beach. Even now that I can’t go for long, I always spent some days. It’s the only place where I really feel relaxed and reset from the year passed. I feel I’m ready to start again! Because for me new year is not January 1st. I’ve studied for so long that new year for me is when holiday stops and school starts again. From all those summers I have learned that no matter how amazing your new sandals are, what you really need for the beach are slippers. Sandals take time to put on and off, and sand can be really uncomfortable (or terribly hot!), so having the possibility to easily put shoes on and off all the time is ideal. This however does not mean that you need to wear your rubber flip-flops all the time. Nothing wrong with them, I love mine! But if you want something a bit more glamorous there are some options around. I luckily found these gorgeous golden ones at Sacha just before I left. If I need to run from the beach to a restaurant for example they will be my first option. And of course a beach bag – a big and washable one! To carry the towels, the books, the snacks, the cameras, the phones, and the sunscreen of course (don’t forget)!


Do you also have this New Year feeling in September or is it just me? What are your beach routines? Where is your favourite holiday spot? Let me know in the comments!






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  1. Hey girl!! Love love this dress is so beautiful, delicate, so totally understand why you want to share with us more than once! I am not tired to see it, so put as many times you want to remind me of summer! :) In summer, for the beach I always use my havaianas, I really don´t get tired of them, I love them! Although, their material is not really glamorous, since is rubber, you can find ones with a really beautiful design which nobody will tell that they are made of rubber, and totally suitable to go from the beach to a great restaurant! So we can have 2 in one with the amazing havaianas! I love them, and I have a lot of different styles! Favorite holiday spot? Olhão in Algarve, or Alentejo coast! Portugal basically! ahah xx

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