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Hi guys! I’m packing for Greece – leaving on Saturday – and I’m so excited to be packing bikinis! I haven’t seen the sun the last couple weeks since arriving in the Netherlands from my trip to the United States. It has been cold and extremely rainy and I couldn’t be happier to be heading south. To make me the happiest girl, TRIANGL has gifted me this beautiful bikini, which I’m so in love with. Not only it is a lovely combination of the classic bra with the most gorgeous floral print bottoms (do you spot the cute bird?), but it also fits perfectly! In this post I’ll tell you all about these awesome bikinis and the ins and outs of TRIANGL swimwear. But first check out my favourite styles!


1. Confetti Garden Midnight Delight (here)





2. Louie (here)






3. Piper – Moroccan midnight (here)




4. Coco – Floral affair (here)





5. Poppy – Peach soda (here)





6. Gigi – Lemonello (here)





7. Marley – Sugar sugar (here)




8. Delilah – Fiore rosa (here)


Aren’t they great? :)

TRIANGL swimwear is made with neoprene fabric. Neoprene is quite different from the other swimwear fabrics you’re use to see around, it is that fabric that most diver’s wetsuits are made of.  Neoprene has the ability to fit firm on the body resisting to stretch, which means it doesn’t loose its shape. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear and a very resistant material. Because of these properties, it is quite important that you get the right size for you when buying one.

TRIANGL has made this extremely easy by having a very detailed sizing page, where you can compare your measurements to get the best fit size for your top and bottom independently. I always have problems finding a good bikini that has good support and the right size (I’m a 32D and those tops are *really* hard to find), so when choosing I need to take into account the style of the top as well. The one I picked is the one that suits my bust size and shape the best!

As for the bottoms they are a bit small, because of the non-stretch. The first ones I picked where just a bit too tight, so I returned those and got 1 size larger, which fits really well – I’m usually a small, ended up with a medium. So I would recommend to always pick a bottom that is slightly larger than what you would have in a stretchy fabric. But of course that also depends if you’ve got larger hips, like me, so just reach their costumer service for advice if you plan on ordering one.

I love it because everybody’s body is different and having the freedom to choose different sizes, and styles, for tops and bottoms is essential! And if you have any doubts they’ve got a live chat on their website to help you on a 24/7 basis!


Hope you’re also excited for summer, beach days and warm sunsets. I’ll write you back from Greece!






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  1. I never heard about this brand of bikinis, they are so awesome! Seriously, which one should I choose?! They are all so pretty! :) love the color of the third one, is really unusual for a bikini, and I really like to wear clothes with that blue tone. xx

    1. You never heard about it? My little sister was the one getting me the news :p She’s always ahead of me in these trends haha

      But if you notice, there’s a lot of brands now producing similar ones. However the originals are really the ones from Triangl. And they are really good quality! Can’t wait to bring them to the beach in Portugal :)


  2. Aah amazing!
    Your pick is fantastic.
    I love Triangl, i have several pieces now.
    My latest addition is the Sugar-Sugar, can’t wait to wear them again.
    You’re going on vacation the day after tomorrow, lucky you!
    Enjoy babe!! xx

    1. Hi Esmeralda,

      They are indeed pretty addictive! :D I can’t wait to pick some more, as their new collection is so pretty as well. But I’m still going to the beach this year, so I’ll get to enjoy this one a bit longer. And they fit so well! I’m in love :)


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