Stylish Raincoats for Spring


Bright, colorful and stylish, here are some raincoats to cheer up those rainy spring days!

Days of rain are something I really wasn’t very much used to before I moved to the Netherlands. Here it rains, sometimes a lot and for days in a row. Rainy days don’t favor my mood, and cycling in the rain even less. Having appropriate, fun, and stylish rain gear is for me a way to overcome some of my issues with getting out of bed when it rains. I chose a cute raincoat in pink (see here), but there are plenty of options available. Another favorite of mine is bright yellow and I like to add a pair of wellies to finish the look!

1. HUNTER (available here); 2. SAMSØE & SAMSØE (available here); 3. MODSTRÖM (20% off, available here); 4. MAX MARA (available here); 5. ONLY – (available here); 6. MBYM- (available here); 7. Rains- (20% off, available here)


Finish the look…


As you saw from my latest outfit post (see here), dressing for the rain doesn’t need to be a challenge or necessarily imply that your outfit won’t shine. All you need is a stylish raincoat and a trusted pair of wellies!

Stay dry and happy shopping!





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