Star dress, sunnies and fun in Lisbon




I was in Portugal two weeks ago for a couple of days. While visiting family and friends there was still time for making some pictures with Lphotografyright before catching my flight back to the Netherlands. 















Pictures by LPhotografy

Lisbon was beautiful as always and we had some really good time while making this shoot. Luis, the photographer, is absolutely passionate about his work and a really nice guy to shoot with. So despite me always being so shy in front of the camera, I’m really pleased with the result. About the look, this is really a simple outfit. I was spending the day shopping around and walking with my suitcase so I chose to wear something comfortable. I already have this dress for a while and I love that it can be used in so many different ways. Really, just change shoes and you have an outfit for every occasion with this dress. I opted for my comfy sneakers because with them no matter how much I need to walk my feet will always be happy. And since I still needed to take a flight that day (which actually got delayed by 5 hours!) I was really happy with my choice. The weather was a bit more friendly this day than the first days I spent in Portugal and so I could wear my biker jacket instead of my winter coat. This is also my first shoot ever with sunnies. I have this super small face kinda problem, that makes any sunglasses look huge on me, so I sometimes avoid to wear them. Which is sad, because I love sunglasses. I decided to give it a try this time, and I think it is quite fun. What do you think? I know I know, they’re still big, but really, have you seen petite sunglasses for sale? If yes write me asap!



Shop the look

Dress – Mango (similar here, here & here)

Biker jacket – H&M (similar here)

Bag – Mango (similar here)

Sneakers – Adidas (available here

Jewelry – Pandora (available here)

Sunglasses –  (purchased from Linda Tol at Fashion Vintage )

Watch – DKNY (available here)


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  1. Cátia Maria this sunglasses look great on you and they are not big for you! The outfit looks familiar to me! :P This photoshoot is really great, and the place helps right?! The outfit you chose, like always, is very very cute!! xx

    1. If these sunglasses are not big, then why didn’t you allow me to buy the golden ones ta Mango the other day?? They are the same size :p
      The place is great indeed and was very fun to shoot something in Portugal!
      Uh, and star dresses are just everywhere this season. I’m not sure I will only have one, because they are really really cute!


  2. Lisbon is so nice, I miss it. My boyfriend is from Coimbra so we go to Portugal very often;)I love the dress! I Always like things with stars and this one is so multi functional. I have the same face problem so I know how difficult it is. The sunny’s you are whearing look super nice. I don’t have any budget tips, but my best friend is the manager at sunglass hut in Utrecht.They are a little bit more expensive unfortunately. So if you ever need help I can ask her! x

    1. Hi Melike!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment! :)

      It’s funny actually because I was also born in Coimbra and my parents still live nearby there. The world is really small haha
      And thanks for the tip! Maybe not right now, but I would love to have some cute Miu Miu’s. Maybe I should pass by Sunglass Hut and check it out :)

      Have a great day and enjoy the long weekend!


  3. They look perfect! I think you will need your sunglasses again now that the weather in NL is so much better.

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