Special Summer Sale


Summer Sale season is upon us. Here are my favorite brands and items, together with some tips to make the most out of it. Still, remember to shop responsibly and with love!

The best way to shop responsibly is to avoid impulse purchases. Have a look at what’s offered. I do a lot of window shopping, or nowadays a lot of browsing on the e-shops. When I really like a piece I add it to my wishlist. Most e-shops these days have some sort of feature that allows you to save items in a wishlist. I had a dress on my wishlist since the beginning of the season. As soon as the Sale season opened I just needed to go to my wishlist and add it to the cart. Simple!

Most retailers will offer free shipping and returns. My favorite part of this process is that I can really think about my purchases, having a reflection time on them. Once I make my orders and they arrive at my home, I try everything on and check the fit. What doesn’t fit immediately gets back in the box. The pieces I really like go through the thinking process – ‘is it really worth it?’, ‘will I wear it often?’, ‘can I mix it with pieces I already own?’, ‘is the material good?’,’ will it last?’. Making these questions to yourself will ensure you will buy much less than when doing impulse purchasing at the store for example and you will end up with a wardrobe that you love avoiding to have too many clothes you don’t wear!

The Sale season is a great opportunity to snap those items you really need (or have been wanting for a long time) at a lower price. You can get cute pieces for the summer, but sometimes also prepare for the winter. Even in the summer sale, you can find some very decent winter coats. Just remember what the sale season shouldn’t be is an excuse to buy in excess without much thinking!

For easy shipping and returns, and stylish items, I suggest Mango, ASOS, and Zalando. Really don’t be afraid to try online shopping if you haven’t yet. Most of the pieces you can’t find in the store sometimes are available on the website and you don’t need to queue for hours at the store. I have also just started ordering with Mint & Berry (which also offers free delivery and returns for most countries in Europe – Portugal & The Netherlands included). They have lovely clothes – just look at this rainbow skirt I got from them!

Happy shopping and remember, buy with love!





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  1. No matter how good we are at saving and living frugally, sometimes, it can be hard to resist that impulse purchase. Sales are everywhere right now, but I’ve managed to resist buying from my fav store Zara! I tend to keep a list of things I really Want or need which helps me shop more wisely. By the way love the sales selections! The tie shoes are lovely!

    Thanks for the share :)
    Jo x

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