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Dress – €29,99 (before €45,99, available here); Bag – €12,99 (before €19,99, available here)
Sales season is here and after Christmas, and Summer, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. To help you out I have selected my favourite items and attached to all of them the appropriate links, to make your Sales shopping as easy as a click. This week I’m featuring my favourite sales from Mango. I shop at Mango frequently because it fits my personal style while most pieces are usually affordable. Shopping during sale is even more exciting with discounts up to 70%. Nothing better for you to start the New Year in style and in a budget!

The great thing about ordering online with Mango is that you get free delivery for purchases above €30 and you can return the items you don´t want or that don´t fit by simply dropping them at a store close to you. I find it extremely convenient!

Sweater – €34,99 (before 49,99, available here); Trousers – €19,99 (before €29,99, available here); Coat – €99,99 (before €139,99, available here); Bag – €9,99 (before €19,99, available here); Boots – €59,99 (before €89,99, available here)


Cape – €59,99 (before €99,99, available here); blouse – €24,99 (before €49,99, available here); jeans – €24,99 (before €39,99, available here); bag – €14,99 (before €25,99, available here); shoes – €29,99 (before €59,99, available here)


Coat – €79,99 (before €139,99, available here); sweater – €24,99 (before €49,99, available here); skirt – €29,99 (before €39,99, available here); bag – €22,99 (before €45,99, available here); shoes – €59,99 (before €99,99, available here)


Coat – €99,99 (before €159,99, available here); dress – €24,99 (before €49,99, available here); bag – €24,99 (before €49,99, available here); boots – €59,99 (before €99,99, available here)


Coat – €44,99 (before €89,99, available here); dress – €24,99 (before €49,99, available here); bag – €12,99 (before €25,99, available here); shoes – €19,99 (before €35,99, available here)


Coat – €34,99 (before €69,99, available here); dress – €29,99 (before €59,99, available here); clutch – €14,99 (before €29,99, available here); shoes – €29,99 (before €45,99, available here)


I hope you enjoy this selection! I’ll come back next week with more sales, more brands and more tips! If you have questions/remarks just leave a comment bellow! And don’t forget to follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin to keep up with the latest news! Now you can also get inspiration through Pinterest where I am just starting. Have you tried it yet?





Disclaimer: I do have affiliation with some brands, meaning that in some cases I may get a commission out of the purchases you do through my website. However I always use links to all the stuff you see on the blog, whether I am affiliated with the brand or not. The main goal is always to help you find the prettiest things to add to your wardrobe. I believe a woman’s success starts when she has confidence in herself and a good outfit may help you boost that confidence! **


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  1. Hey girl!! The last two are just me!! Love them! Great outfits!! I already have you on pinterest, but I am still getting use to it…ehehhe xx :)

    1. Hey hey!

      I have a lot of fun putting outfits together! I’m glad from time to time we match on the shopping side :p

      But… Doesn’t the velcro bother you on the sneakers?? hahaha I thought you were a laces only kinda girl :p


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