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Here’s a new look featuring these cute scalloped hem shorts from Mint & Berry and a quick update on the past few weeks, talking about my summer break and the importance of family time!



I’m back from holiday! You may have noticed everything has been a bit quieter around here than usual which is a sign of how much I enjoyed my holiday. I really was in need of a break and nothing better than two weeks in Portugal to fix me up! Family time is yet the best therapy and the older I get the more I feel how important it is for my well-being to be around my family. Do you have that feeling too?

I left my parents’ house at 15 when I moved to the city for high school. This was when I started living on my own, which I did for almost 10 years. Back then I was a teenager and moving out and being responsible for myself was a bit hard, but felt good at the same time. I had my own schedule and could only count on myself to get me out of bed for school. I grew and learned a lot, became much more responsible and independent, but perhaps the most relevant thing that happened with my move was the sudden realization of how much I missed my parents and my sisters…

3 years later I moved again, farther away this time for university and 4 years after that I moved to the Netherlands. The distance became bigger and bigger, the weekly visits turned into monthly visits and then started to happen perhaps 3 times a year. That can be average for many people, but not for us. We were always very close, and still are despite the distance! So you understand why I’m mostly offline when I get the chance to see them, right?

So what was I up to these two weeks? Well, I had an amazing week of beach vacation with my family to start with, just like in the old days. Was amazingly relaxing and I got my tan back! I then spent some days in Lisbon with Chris. We visited beautiful Sintra, ate our loved ‘pastéis de Belém’, and spent a day at the zoo, which was fantastic as I hadn’t been there for 14 years!

I also turned 28! Yes, 28! Time is going by so fast! As you know I’m in the final stages of my Ph.D. and on my birthday I could not avoid thinking that next year I’ll hopefully have my degree and life will probably look very different than now. I’m excited and slightly nervous about it ;)

So, for now, I’ll keep on writing my thesis, blogging on a regular basis and crafting. I’m working on some really cool sewing projects, so keep checking my Instagram for updates!


Outfit details

Scalloped Hem Shorts – Mint&Berry (similar here); Top – Mango (similar here); Sandals – Steve Madden (available here)





Shot by C.E.; Edit & Concept by The petite Cat

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Back in Utrecht, the weather hasn’t been so nice, but when the sun is out I always take the chance to wear dresses, skirts or shorts. I really like to wear shorts, both in the summer and in the winter (see here). Tailored shorts, in particular, are a favorite. I recently saw these scalloped hem shorts with a bow belt at Mint&Berry and found them really adorable. I was probably not the only one, as they sold out quite quickly! I linked above similar styles and found that H&M has a cute version of the scalloped hem shorts (see here) and another version with a bow belt (see here), both in navy.

If you would like to make scalloped hem shorts, you can use any pattern for classic shorts and alter the hem for a scalloped one. Scalloped hems are really trendy and I find them a very sweet detail to finish a garment! Don’t you think?

Hope you enjoyed this look and quick update. Do you also live far from your family? How do you cope with it?

Have a lovely week!




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    1. Thank you!
      I hope you get nice weather! I prefer to go in the last two weeks of September since most times it’s still summer weather, but October could as well be the same! You’ll enjoy it anyway :) Safe travels!

  1. These shorts are super cute! I saw a similar pair the other day and came this close to trying them on. It’d be a new look for me but this makes me consider it more seriously :D

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