Today I’m restyling some current favorites for a casual look. In a time when fast-fashion is taking over the world, what can we do to be more conscious buyers?

As I get older I also get pickier. And this is something that has helped me immensely when dealing with fast-fashion. I don’t buy a lot out of necessity, but my picks are usually very carefully considered. When I first see something I like, in a physical store or online, I will add it to my wishlist. I revisit this list often. Adding and deleting items, that meanwhile revealed to not be worth purchasing. During this ‘consideration period’ I think of price/quality, durability, and how it would fit in my wardrobe. Being able to mix and match the items you have in new looks gives them a new life and maximizes their purpose. If a new pair of shoes, like these adorable pom pom flats, pass all those tests in my mind, then I’ll finally buy them. This process may take some days, weeks, months and sometimes years, but the story doesn’t end there. Once something new has made it to my wardrobe that means that I truly loved it in the first place and that I will want to wear it for as long as possible. Special delicate washes, protective shoe sprays and switching to loungewear as soon as I get home. These are just part of the routine and help a lot to increase the longevity of your clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Most importantly, make sure nothing gets forgotten in your closet. Trying new combinations and restyling what you already own helps to fight that ‘some many clothes and nothing to wear’ feeling. So be creative and love your clothes!

Outfit details

Blouse – Mango (similar here); Jeans – Mango (similar here); Flats – Zara (similar here in black)









Pictures by C.E.

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I was wearing this cute duck print blouse recently here. You can see it’s a totally different look, and the same goes for the pom pom flats that I styled also recently here. Mixing and restyling is definitely a great way to keep your clothes alive for longer. And when years have passed and you’ve exhausted all out of that favorite piece that is now in the back of your wardrobe, you can consider selling, donating or re(up)cycling. Nothing goes to waste!

I’m far from perfect regarding these issues, but I like to raise awareness for problems that I also struggle with and for which I don’t have the full answer.  If you want to know a bit more about the issues with fast-fashion and some tips on how to fight against it, you can read a bit more here. And let me know if you would like me to discuss this topic more often. I have a lot of ideas for what we can do and how to gradually become more conscious buyers!


Have a great week!



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  1. Thanks for talking about this issue, Catia. So many ‘superstar’ bloggers do not talk about this and they have such a broad platform for doing so and can raise so much awareness. I too have been trying to go thrifting more often, and being mindful of where the garment was made if I buy something new.

    1. It’s such a difficult topic… But indeed way too many people don’t talk about it. I struggle with it myself so much that I just think I should put it out there. I try to make better choices every day, but I’m not perfect. So I like to spend some time trying to understand what can I do to make it better, and especially how to find a balance because at the end of the day I really like pretty clothes… Fashion revolution week is coming and I feel it will be a good time to go a bit more in depth in the discussion. I hope I can find some good tips/ideas that we can implement easily!

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