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This week it’s all about colour! I found this cute shift dress, which is actually a jumpsuit (surprise!), at Zara for less than 30 euros. I love it, it fits nice (another surprise, since I’m super petite) and you don’t need much more to perfect an outfit when you have a key piece like this!

















Pictures by C.E.


I love the colour! It’s not red, neither orange. Something in between that goes by the name Geranium. Yes, because it resembles that really bright colour that “red” geraniums (the flowers) have. So cool, right? Apart from clothes, there are also plenty of accessories like bags and shoes, and lipsticks and nail polishes in this colour. I’m going to hunt the nail polish. As for the lipstick I think the one I’m wearing matches really nice! When I’m styling a piece which such a strong colour, I always like to match it with black for a minimalistic and clean outfit. However I think combining it with other colours will make it look more fun and casual and I can’t wait to try that too. This kind of dress (jumpsuit) is can also work good with sneakers and a denim jacket for warm Spring days! The illusion of it being a dress is just seen, from the front. From the back you see shorts. I think that’s really fun too, it allows you to wear what appears to be a very short skirt and is super comfortable for cycling (which I do everyday). I’m really happy with this find!


I’m spending the weekend in Portugal now, and I can tell you I’m a bit disappointed. The weather is exactly the same as in the Netherlands. It’s raining and windy and cold! To make up for it I get to enjoy a cozy fireplace, eat mummy’s food, cuddle with cats and get my heart warm by seeing my friends and family again. And at least these pictures taken last week in Utrecht actually feel like Spring. Hope you like them!

I’m off to some family time, yay! Enjoy your week and don’t forget to participate on the giveaway I’m doing here!






Shop the look

Blazer – H&M (similar here)

Dress / Jumpsuit – Zara (available here)

Clutch – Zara (similar here)

Shoes – Truffle Collection (similar here)





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    1. Hi Megan! Thanks :) Yes, this bright colour really makes me happy! I’m going to get matching nails!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and loads of kisses to San Francisco!


  1. Cute cute outfit! Jumpsuits are so comfortable and easy to wear. This Geranium color is really beautiful, I don´t really appreciate the bright red, and this color I think is the perfect tone between orange and red. Also, is a really happy color and make everything around happier and more beautiful! :)

    1. I couldn’t agree more :D When I look at this pictures I can hardly believe they were made in Utrecht and with very few hours of sleep. That colour really gives me life! So happy I got it.

      Beijinhos xx


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