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If you have been following my blog for a while, you must have noticed already that above any piece of clothing, bag or accessory, my eternal love affair is with shoes. There’s just something that sparkles inside when I see a pretty pair of shoes as if life could instantly become brighter, with each step you take.

Surprisingly with my 1,55m, ballerinas are the most common shoe in my closet. They don’t make me tall, but they’re extremely comfortable to walk, quite ok to cycle with and come in a huge diversity of colors and models, from the most classic (as last seen on me here) or more trendy like these pom pom ones I found recently at Zara.


Outfit details

Shoes & Blouse- Zara; Coat – Benetton (similar here); Jeans & Bag – Mango (available here); Scarf – H&M 








Pictures by C.E.

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Luckily for me, most shops now carry an EU size 35 and getting shoes while living in the Netherlands is a much easier task! While Zara has been doing this for at least a year, now also H&M and Mango carry some models on a size 35. At the same time they have also been paying more attention to developing more high-quality footwear (H&M even has a ‘premium’ line), and so I have found some shoes in their stores that I’m actually very happy with. These ballerinas are one of those!

You know I’m a big fan of faux fur (as last seen on me here) even when it comes to footwear – do you still remember my faux fur sneakers? These ballerinas were no exception. They add a lovely pop of color to any outfit and the embellishment with two faux fur pom poms just gives them a unique feeling.

For the rest, I’m keeping it casual with my favorite jeans, these are the ‘Belle’ skinny jeans from Mango (available here) which I’ve been wearing for years and simply replace with new ones when they get worn out, a floral blouse that I scored at half-price during the sales, my new bag (also scored at half-price) and my favorite Benetton winter coat (similar here).





Do you also have a love affair with shoes? Where do you usually buy them? Do you know of other stores that also carry small sizes? I know designer pieces are available in small sizes but they’re far from affordable ;)  Share your thoughts and tips by leaving a comment below and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get up to date with new posts, my DIY projects, and the latest trends!


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