Pink, beige & hand knits


I spend most of the Winter wrapped in dark clothes. While this is very convenient for rainy days, which happen more often than not, I sometimes wish I embraced more light colors during the cold season. I love the combination of pink and beige, a winning combo for those days when you want your mind to be at ease since these colors are very calming.

Outfit details

Scarf – Hand knitted by The petite Cat (similar here) ; Coat – Benetton (similar here); Jeans – Salsa (similar here); Sweater – Zara (similar here); Shoes – H&M (available here); Rings – Pandora (available here)









Pictures by C.E.

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I’m wearing a light pink basic Zara sweater with my Salsa skinny jeans, which fit me well and are very comfortable due to their elasticity – if you don’t know about Salsa yet check them out next time you visit Portugal! The coat is from Benetton and I’ve had it for some years now. It is still in perfect shape as I tend to not wear it very often – note to self: change this!

The pink loafers were a very early Spring addition to my wardrobe. They are extremely soft and comfortable, and when I  found my size online I ordered immediately, as I know they are likely to sell out quite fast. These are part of H&M ‘premium’ collection, at good price/quality ratio they definitely are a great investment for me when it comes to good comfortable flats that I’ll want to take everywhere – they’re a gorgeous shade of pink after all!

To complete my look, I wrapped myself in my latest make, a hand knitted wool scarf! This was my first knitting project ever. I’m hooked on knitting since then and absolutely loving this super soft warm scarf. I’ll tell you more about the details of this project later, so stay tuned!


Thanks a lot for dropping by and I wish you all a lovely week! For daily inspiration follow along on social media and let me know what you think of this outfit!




Do your outfit colors affect your mood, or do you feel you get first impressions of others based on the colors they’re wearing? Are there some colors you wear regularly to feel more confident or to avoid being on the spot? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so don’t forget to leave a comment below!


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  1. Beautiful scarf! I did exactly the same pattern and colour but not that long!
    Colours definitely affect my mood, when I am going through difficulties I tend to get dressed more colourfully and with white input with the hopt to make me feel better/happier.
    And you know what, it certainly works :)

    You look great here, I love the neutral colours. Also who is your photographer? I need one asap!

    1. Thanks Anastasia! I saw you were making the same :D The wool is just too gorgeous in this color. I had a big fat ball and just knitted until it ended. I have exactly the same. Have been dressing much more color recently and it is helping ;) Chris is taking all my pictures! We got a new camera recently and he helps me a lot. He shoots, I edit and I think they’re starting to look as I want! Happy you like them :D


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