All that glitters, shines and sparkles



This holiday be ready to shine. Glitter and sequins are more trendy than ever before! In glamorous or more discrete dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, tops and skirts, you can wear it all! And what I love the most this season are the shinny accessories. Clutches and shoes always call my attention, but these ones really make me want to write to Santa and convince him of how a very nice girl I have been… Seriously… Santa if you’re listening… please!!

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Grey sweater – tutorial



It is getting pretty cold now, with predictions of snow for early next week! Brrrr! So warm knits are indispensable and that is what I have been focusing on last few weeks. I’ve made a kimono/cardigan (see here)  and now using what was left from that fabric I made myself a sweater. My first DIY sweater is very cozy and I added some twist at the end to my original ideas. I’m very happy with the result and hope this tutorial can help you make one too!

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Faux Fur obsession

Faux fur coats – from left to right: 1-€139,71 (see here); 2- €176,47 (see here); 3-€176,47 (see here); 4-€367,65 (see here); 5-€102,93 (see here); 6-€88,24 (see here). All selected from ASOS

This Winter is all about getting furry! Faux fur coats are the new trend, coming in different models, sizes and patterns. They are very warm and will definitely spice up your outfits and your mood during the cold season. Are you in for faux fur obsession?

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Pink Slipper Boots Tutorial


I made myself recently some really comfy slipper booties! It was my first attempt at sewing any kind of footwear and I am really pleased with the result. This project requires you to draft the pattern yourself, but don’t worry… I took note of all the steps and if I did it I’m pretty sure you can do it too! Take a look at the tutorial and let me know if I’m right.

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Make up line by Burberry

bb_make up

Did you know Burberry had a make up line? Well I didn’t until couple months ago. Mostly because it is somehow a more exclusive line and you will not find it for sale everywhere, you may not have come across it yet. Last September during Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam, I was with some friends and we stopped at Burberry where they were promoting their make up line. Half an hour later we had our make up done by fantastic make up artists and some new favourites in our wish list.

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