New year, new frames


Feeling a bit better now, I had the chance to go out and shoot the first outfit post of the year! Yay! It’s still freezing cold though so I’m not sure if that was a good idea… But anyway, I really wanted to show you my new frames!


Outfit details

Frames – Polette; Cardigan – Benetton; Trousers – Only; Bag – Mango; Loafers – Truffle Collection








Pictures by C.E.


I have prescription glasses since my early years at university and during my PhD the situation has only gotten worse. I never felt very comfortable with glasses, and when the time came (around 3 years ago) that I needed to wear them all the time I decided to switch to contact lenses. I got used to contact lenses pretty fast and was using them all the time until not so long ago when I started suffering from dry eyes. I spend the whole day in front of a screen. From early hours in the morning preparing blog posts to the rest of the day working in the office, exposure to a screen is something I can’t avoid.

While we stare for so long at screens we often forget to blink and our eyes will dry due to the lack of moisturization that blinking provides. When my eyes get dry, the contact lenses become extremely uncomfortable, to the point that I can’t tolerate them anymore. I got help from my specialist, but nothing was really working for me, from eye drops to blinking exercises. It makes it better, but not good enough if you still need to stay in front of the screen. So ultimately the solution was to go back to glasses. But if I really would need to be wearing them often and bring them to the office, I wanted something that would suit me well and that I would feel comfortable wearing.


Shop the look


I was lucky to find these stylish frames at Polette in a beautiful golden shade. Finding the perfect frames, however, is sometimes hard. When choosing my frames with Polette, I first browsed the webshop selecting frames that I know would fit me. Polette’s frames are divided into small, medium and large frames. My face is small and so by using this option I’m secure that the frame I pick will fit me. Then I only need to choose the frames that I like best!

I find the service very convenient. In just a couple clicks I can choose my frames and order them with prescription lenses, and have it all sent to my home at an incredible price. Being the only intermediate between the factory and its customers, Polette is able to provide high-quality frames at really low prices. Which means I could probably just have different frames for different days of the week, matching them to my outfits! :)

For this outfit, I opted for a selection of pieces that I picked on the Sales. This classy camel cardigan from Benetton is 30% off here and the trousers by Only are 40% off here. As for the bag, a true bargain from Mango with such a classic style and now with 44% off here. My loafers are from an older collection, but you can find similar here.


Have a great week and let me know what you think of my new frames!





*This post was created in collaboration with Polette


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