My green army coat issue


I’m really not a big fan of the army green colour when it comes to clothes. But as a huge trend this season, green army coats are found in every corner. What was first not love at first sight, actually turned into something more…

The responsible for this was my little sister. She is only 15, but sometimes she can teach me a thing or two when it comes to fashion. This coat belongs to her and I tried it for fun to only realize that it is not only comfortable and warm, but also extremely stylish.










Pictures by C. Elenbaas

So from now on I will never put a piece aside just because of its colour. I had already seen that some people style these coats incredibly well, so I don’t know why my head was thinking that it wouldn’t work for me. And the good news is that I just checked and it is still available, except that now at half the price!





Army green coat – Mango (available here)


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  1. Alo Babe!! :) I see a lot of people with this type of coat, I think it really suits you, and all girls in general! I don´t have one just because all people have and its getting really boring for me :P All girls in Lisbon wear one of those coats….I love the color though! xx

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