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I know this comes a bit out of season but here it is. A post dedicated to my first knitting project, a simple scarf. It’s the easiest project of all but with it, I learned that indeed knitting is one of the best ways of relaxation and such a fun and productive manner of reducing stress. No more depressing winters for me!


To make the scarf I bought 100% Undyed Peruvian Highland Wool from Cascade Yarns. This wool is ecological, extremely soft and a dream to work with. And because it is undyed, the color is just as it comes from the sheep, absolutely lovely! A skein of 250g was enough to make a decent sized scarf. I knitted it with 6.5 mm bamboo needles.


I got all the materials at the Stephen & Penelope, a yarn shop in Amsterdam I found by accident since it is next door from my favorite local fabric shop, A.Boeken, in the Nieuwe Hoogstraat. I found out later that Utrecht also has a yarn shop. This lovely shop is called Sticks & Cups and you can find it in Telingstraat. There I found an amazing and supportive community of knitters and makers, who are always willing to help. We usually gather every Thursday evening to knit together at the Yarn Lounge, organized at Sticks & Cups!



I’m really happy with my first knit. It’s extremely soft and great to wear. The next project will hopefully be a sweater! I really like knitted sweaters and in The Netherlands you need a lot of them during the cold months, so it’s not a bad idea to spend the summer knitting for the winter. I fell in love with this mohair. This is a not a beginner friendly yarn, but it’s so fluffy and adorable that I decided to give it a try. I have bought this simple, but very cute pattern. Fingers crossed ;)

If you know of good beginner friendly patterns, please send them my way. I’m really happy to finally have started on knitting. There’s so much to learn but I feel it will be a really enjoyable, slow-paced and relaxing journey. What are you knitting at the moment?





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    1. You’re so right Eva! Living in the Netherlands I feel knitting winter gear can take you a long way pretty much all year around. Glad I picked on it :)


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