Maternity dress

I usually get the Burda Style issues from the Portuguese edition, because let’s face it reading Vogue in Dutch is one thing, reading sewing instructions in Dutch is a completely different thing. So in the last January edition from Burda Style there was a section of maternity wear. I skipped quickly through the pages as I thought “ow well one day I can make something like this for myself”.

Some weeks later I got to know that my sister was having a baby. First thoughts – I’m going to be an auntie (happy happy!), but then immediately I knew I should make her one of those maternity dresses I saw in Burda. So that was the story and here is the result. The pattern I chose is the model 122 from Burda Style 01/2015 showed above. I was not crazy about the finish of the skirt and sleeves, so I decided to exclude that.


Then I chose a nice dark blue cotton for the dress and a light pink satin for the ribbon. The first result is showed below. What I like particularly about it is the elastic it has in the back, which allows the dress to fit nicely through the whole 9 months.


At this stage I brought the dress with me to Portugal to let my sister fit it. I had all her measurements, but that sweet bump grows everyday and so I had no idea how  the dress would fall, and so hemming it beforehand was not an option.

I took particular attention to the inside seams. They are all finished with a zigzag stitch and also the facing along the neckline makes it really neat :)

So here is the ending result. We decided to drop the sleeves because it gets really warm in Portugal in the summer. She looks gorgeous in it and now time is ticking… Soon soon that baby boy will be with us!






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