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Matching knitwear was one the biggest trends last season (see here). Of course I planned on making my own and of course I finished late (and blogged it even later), but well, it fits me nice and it is warm and fluffy! If I don’t use it to much this season, a new Winter will come in a few months!

This all started in the usual way. I see pretty fabric, I buy it. Then I start to think what am I going to make with it. Eventually I decided I wanted to make a bodycon midi dress. I loved the idea, but when I finished I looked too much like a teddy bear, because of the fluffiness of the fabric. I also got to learn that horizontal stripes don’t make you look any taller or thinner… I drafted the pattern by copying a fitted sweater I own. I just added length and broaden it around the hips. Once the dress was done (and I realized it didn’t look as I thought it would), I just took the scissors and broke it in two. From there just added a hem to the bottom of the new sweater and used elastic to finish the (now) mini skirt. For the hems I used a double needle. (Btw, it’s really fun to thread the machine twice!) And there you go, DIY matching knitwear!










I’m really glad I decided to make it a two piece. It’s a lot more versatile and allows a lot more options. Here are some pictures of me wearing it. Due to the stretch of the knit, it’s really easy to achieve a good fit. And because it is so furry, it’s actually pretty warm.













What do you think? Are you also a fan of matching knitwear? Btw, this was also the project that made me buy a walking foot. I wasn’t able to match the stripes on the side seams otherwise. And I can only tell you, best investment ever!





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  1. So three outfits with these two peaces! Really like the combination of these two colors, yellow and gray. You are a great needlewoman!!

  2. Matching knitwear is cute but I usually can’t afford it — this is the perfect solution! And having them as separates lets you wear the pieces longer into spring than a full sweater dress.

    And your patio makes for a cute backdrop :)

    1. I completely agree with you. If you buy a midi dress it costs as much as only a sweater, or only a skirt… So annoying. I say we make our own, or when we see a beautiful dress that is not too expensive, we cut it in half and finish the separate pieces :D

  3. Great idea to cut in two, makes it so versatile to mix and match. I love the stripes and that its fluffy/fuzzy. Weather is cooling down here finally, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Nina :)
      The weather here is not yet getting any warmer! Can’t wait to be able to go outside without gloves and scarfs… So for now such fluffy fabric is still allowed! I’m happy with the result, but I still want a midi bodycon dress. Maybe now I should make a spring/summer one!


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