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Did you know Burberry had a make up line? Well I didn’t until couple months ago. Mostly because it is somehow a more exclusive line and you will not find it for sale everywhere, you may not have come across it yet. Last September during Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam, I was with some friends and we stopped at Burberry where they were promoting their make up line. Half an hour later we had our make up done by fantastic make up artists and some new favourites in our wish list.

The whole Burberry beauty line is inspired in the colours and patterns of the classic Burberry trench coat. The packages and make up itself display the Burberry check and the whole design has a very luxurious feeling to it. Accordingly, the make up is very high quality. Smooth, soft, sheer textures is mostly what you will get, along with essential neutral shades. Most of the palettes rely on nude shades that allow you to recreate a sophisticated yet very natural look. All products are available on Burberry stores and online and some of them in selected stores such as Douglas and Sephora.

Below I’ll show you the products we had the chance to try that day and my thoughts on each one of them!


They have a very sheer and smooth foundation, which I liked a lot. It really gives a natural look. And the package holds much more than what you can see due to the design.

Burberry Foundation – €41


Other product they used it’s called Lip & Cheek Bloom and can be used as a blush or a gloss. On me they used it for both my cheeks and my lips. Very natural as well and I have to say I love products that have more than one function.

Lip and Cheek Bloom – €27


For my eyes they used only one product to create discrete smokey eyes, the Eye Colour Cream Charcoal. I found it very easy to use and very effective. You will just need a good brush to apply it.

Eye colour cream charcoal – €31


My favourite of all… The Fresh Glow Highlight Luminous Pen. I really loved how it brighten my skin. It is applied in most places where you can also apply a concealer.

Highlight Luminous Pen – €30

To learn how to use this pen, check all the steps here.

I was too busy absorbing all the information the make up artist was giving us. All the details of the products she was using, how we could create the same look at home, etc. With all that, I ended up without pictures of the process on myself. But luckily I snapped some pictures while my friend Abbie was getting her make up done.

Apart from other products already mentioned, the make up artist used also on Abbie the Face Contour Pen.




Once you apply it it has a really dark colour to it, which can be terrifying, specially if you have light skin. It just looks that it won’t be able to go with your skin tone at all. But once it is smoothed out it looks really great!

Face Contour Pen – €30


You can learn more about contouring and how to use it with Burberry Make Up Artist Consultant, Wendy Rowe. Watch the tutorial here.




I think the end result was fantastic! Really good products and a really good beginning of the night for us! After all we just wanted to also look like we had the time to get ready for the party instead of running there directly from the office after a day of programming and paper writing… Scientists also like to be pretty, specially for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out!




They have a lot of more products, but I decided to only cover the ones we had a chance to try. I really liked all the products they used on us, but the Highlight Luminous Pen was really the favourite for me and it is on the top of my wish list. I also never tried contouring before and must confess ended up quite excited to try the Face Contour Pen myself. Burberry also has excellent tutorials online, which makes it even more tempting to give a try to such exciting products.

Where you aware of this line already? I would love to know if you have experience with the beauty line of Burberry or if this post have tempted you to try it soon!


With many thanks to Abbie for being our model for the week!




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  1. Hello Catia!! I did not no about this new Burberry make up line, but it looks amazing and I really really would love to try it! I think I will be able to find it in one of the Sephora shops in the malls near me. I hope this new line will make me use make up at all, since I never use it! XX

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