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I’m teaming up with Third Love to give you some tips & tricks in order to help you find your perfect bra. There’s also a special discount for you, so keep reading!

Did you know that around 2/3 of the women wear the wrong bra size? I’m not surprised and I bet you aren’t either. Before I got myself (or actually my breasts) measured by a professional fitter I thought I was a size 34B. After the fit, I got a little card saying I was in fact, a 32D! Could that be? Oh yes, it could!

Getting the right fit helped in so many ways. To start with it changed my style. I got to know from the experts that I’m not a push-up fan, which I think my teenage self would disagree. I came to realize though that it is true. I don’t like bras with much padding either. I feel way more confidence wearing a bra that defines the natural shape of my breasts and doesn’t add cleavage. In this way, I can always wear what I want without feeling uncomfortable. After all, a bra can make or break an outfit, or even your day.

Because I feel this is an important issue, I’ve teamed up with Third Love to give you some tips & tricks to help you find the right bra! And keep reading because there is a special discount at the end of this post!


How to put on a bra



Fit issues & easy solutions




Do you identify yourself with any of this problems? When I was in my wrong size, the most common issue I had was the QUAD-BOOB and the SIDE-BOOB. Now the girls have enough space and the bra fits perfect in the band too. Phew!


Third Love is dedicated to creating pretty and comfortable bras in sizes to fit real women’s bodies. They carry 1/2 cup sizes and have an accurate mobile app to take your measurements at home (with a tank on). If you (like me, ha!) don’t own an iPhone, you can also try Fit Finder on your browser. Here are my results!


My Fit Finder Results




Special for you

If you would like to have a go and try Third Love I’ve got a special discount for you. Just enter the code TLBBOCT16 at checkout for 15% discount on your purchase!





I hope these tips will help you find your perfect bra! I think I will give a try to the recommended 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra. If I do, I’ll let you know how it goes! What are the most common problems you have with bra fitting? Do you have any tips & tricks that I didn’t mention? Share with us by leaving a comment below!






*This post was created in collaboration with Third Love. The discount is valid until  November 15th.


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  1. Totally!! I was using the wrong size since this year!! Can you imagine! The lady from the store measured me and told me that I was using the wrong size. Then I bought a new bra with the new size and I felt so much confortable. Is really important to get your correct size. My problem was SIDE BOOB! Also, it happens to me a lot the slipping straps… Third Love bras are really gorgeous, but a bit expensive for me now. Hope one they be able to get one from them! xx

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