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I have been making a lot of home made juice recently. Apart from being healthy, it is really delicious and a reason to get me out of bed in the morning.  This week I’m sharing with you my first juice recipe.


I had a cold last week and was at home for couple days going through it. I’m never very patient with these things, I just wanted it to go away quickly because oh gosh I have so many things I wish I could be doing and my body is just not responding. So off I go trying to optimize my chances of getting better sooner, being best friends with the blankets, spoiling myself with long warm showers, and give myself a boost of vitamins! I started making fruit juices and got a bit addicted to them. I’m learning as I go, I’m by no means a juice expert, but I thought of sharing with you the basics of juicing and my favourite juice recipe at the moment.




Spoiler alert – You will need a juicer!


What I mostly do is throwing in the juicer whatever fruits I have around. There are different kinds of juicers on the market. If you have never tried home juices before, I would recommend you just start with a common centrifugal juicer. These also don’t need to be very expensive. I am using a Princess juice extractor, which is a very simple and non-expensive juicer. The juice extractor is able to juice all fruits and vegetables you have at home, with the exception of fibrous fruits (e.g. bananas, mangos, avocados). For these it’s best to use a blender and make smoothies instead.


The juice I have been making lately is a orange/apple/kiwi juice. I started with oranges because I thought vitamin C would help for the cold, then I only had kiwis and apples around, so I through them in the juicer as well. It was surprisingly delicious and really got me into making juices more often and trying out new flavours.

For this recipe you need:

2 oranges

1 apple

1 kiwi

ginger (optional)




This will give you a decent glass of juice (~300 ml). As for the apple you can choose a Granny Smith, if you would like your juice to be a bit more acidic, or go for a Pink Lady instead if you want your juice to be more sweet. A thin slice of ginger just gives it an extra pinch of flavour. You don’t need to add sugar in the end, as the fruit itself already has a lot of sugar in it. If you like, you can add water and dilute it a bit. You can also storage it in the fridge for a bit, but keep in mind that you get the most out of the juice when you drink it immediately after you make it.




It’s important to keep in mind though that fruit extractor removes all the fibre from the fruits and vegetables. You are left with a boost of vitamins and minerals, that will do good to you if not in excess of course. So use it as a treat, and not as a replacement to eating fruit and vegetables as you would usually do. And since fruits have a lot of sugar, green (vegetable) juices are, in the end, a better option. I haven’t tried yet, but I’m really curious about it. I hope to share that with you soon!




Hope you like this recipe! Have a great weekend!






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