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In my latest post (here) I told you how in love I am with lace-up shoes. They are everywhere at the moment and are possibly the most desired shoes for this spring/summer. The lace-up flats are a very cute version of this trend and through this easy tutorial you can learn to make your own, which can save you money, and of course because DIY is always fun!

I first saw this DIY some months ago at a pare & a spare. Geneva (the author) is a DIY genius and I love to browse through her website for inspiration and quick DIY and sewing projects. When I saw this tutorial I got really excited. I had seen some lace-up flats I wanted to buy, but I thought they were too expensive when compared to simple ballerinas in the same quality range. With this tutorial you can get any pair of really cheap flats (mine were €9,99 at H&M) and just transform them into your trendy shoe for the season. Plus, is there anything better than walking around in beautiful shoes that you made yourself?

You can follow the steps below to see how I made mine. You can also check out Geneva’s tutorial, which also includes a video (here). The tutorial itself is very simple, so just be creative! I think playing with colours, different kinds of laces (cord, satin, cord with pompons), will be a really fun activity for the upcoming weekend and to get your wardrobe ready with some DIY trendy shoes!




  • A pair of ballerinas, anything similar will work as well (for example some pointed heels will work too).
  • Your favourite cord or laces (you can also use satin straps for the true ballerina feeling).
  • A multi hole punch tool.
  • Some fabric chalk (or anything else which allows you to mark the fabric to make the holes).





1. Start by marking the places where you want the holes on your shoes. Try with one first, and then make the other one really symmetric. You can browse online for lace-up shoes and choose the placement of the laces according to your favourite design.




2. Make the holes using the multi hole punch tool. For my laces I used the largest hole in my tool, but this will depend on which tool you have. Pass the cord/laces through the holes. Note I begin by passing the cord folded at the front, and then pass the cord again through the space in between the folded cord to give that neat and secure start of the lace-up.




3. Enjoy you lace-up shoes!










Enjoy your makes!





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  1. These look amazing! I always have the trouble that I walk out of open-topped shoes because I have narrow heels, so this is ideal for me. I can’t wait to try this out!

    1. Hi Beccah,

      I think that’s a common problem ;) I hope you can give it a try! Plus you can also use some ribbon instead if you want the “ballet flat” look.


  2. You are seriously so amazing!! I’m browsing your site from my computer for the first time (usually I’m on my phone) and I’m having so much fun! Great content, babe! You rock! xx

    1. That’s so sweet of you Natalie :)
      I love to read your articles too. It’s just so much fun to keep up with the things you’re up to and how you tell the story! Love it :D


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