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We’ve just decorated the house with posters and I’m really excited to share the results of this interior design project with you! Here’s a sneak peek of our home and the beauty of decorating with posters.

When we move houses we don’t always get it to look like what we want immediately, am I right? After been living in this place for a while we decided it was about time to invest more in the house. For Christmas we treated ourselves with new furniture (which really made me happy!) and we have now finally finished decorating the empty walls.

We have chosen our posters from DESENIO. They have just the greatest selection of posters online and a fast and careful delivery service. After ordering our posters we had them in our home in less than a week and in excellent condition. Then the fun started. Decorating the house yourself is as fun and satisfying as any other DIY project and we really enjoyed it! Take a look at the results.

Hallway & Corridor


The hallway used to be such a boring place! Honestly it was just the perfect place to dump the keys and the post. So to decorate the hallway we picked a beautiful poster, with two ducks just chilling peacefully in the lake – it’s called ‘Morning light‘. I don’t know exactly what it is, but this print just makes me happy! Now this little corner has become way more interesting and a good excuse to have fresh flowers on a daily basis!



For the corridor we have picked a collection of butterflies. We both love nature and the colours in these prints were just too cute. We have picked the 3 indifferent colours and aligned them in the long wall.


Living room




The living room had this huge empty space above the piano that we both wanted to fill to a really long time. We had first the idea of just adding a big frame, with some print or painting we both liked, but we were never too sure and eventually we decided to make a small gallery instead. I really like this space now as it has a really classy feeling to it. The gallery is composed of 3 really amazing black & white nature prints and I’m really happy about the spatial arrangement of the posters.

TIP – When decorating with posters (pictures, paintings, etc), you can decide on the spatial arrangement easily by taking a picture of the empty wall, downloading a picture of the posters you want and then playing around with it on the computer. Trust me, you rather have this little bit of extra work and then be satisfied than going for trial and error while making new holes on the wall. This also helps a lot on deciding which individual images you want to add when making a gallery.




Our bedroom is very minimalistic, with white walls and furniture. The rest of the decoration is in neutral colours. It’s perfect to rest the mind and the little desk corner is ideal to work without distractions (except for Aimee The Cat, which always loves to distract, specially if you sit at the desk!).  The posters we picked for this place are very simple, to keep the harmony, yet very beautiful. We chose a perfect pair of flower prints, in delicate colours, which match beautifully the surroundings and definitely give a modern and trendy touch to this space!




I hope this post gives you some ideas on how to use posters to decorate your home in an easy, beautiful and economical way. Don’t forget to check out DESENIO for more posters and inspiration. And if you’re looking for presents for the little ones you should really check their great selection for children’s posters – I may be spoiling my nephews soon!

What do you think of our choices? How do you feel about decorating your home with posters? Would you like to see more posts on home decor? I’m really curious to hear from you. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!




*This post was created in collaboration with DESENIO










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  1. I think nature posters are beautiful and they fill a house with positive energy. I loved your choice like always, mostly the butterfly posters, because I love butterflies and for me its always a great choice when it comes to representing nature, since they are gorgeous animals! :)
    This post was a very pleasant surprise and I think you should put more posts with tips on house interior decoration. It will be very helpful Cátia! :)

    1. So happy you like it Abby!

      I loved to decorate the house. Was such a fun project to do together :)
      And it looks very cozy and pretty now!

      Hope you found good stuff :)


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