How to dress like a Parisian


This week’s look is all about that Parisian feel. Simple, elegant, classic, and timeless!

The art of French girl style relies on classic staples. A striped tee, a tailored coat, a neutral color palette… A minimalistic wardrobe, if you wish, where the rule is: buy less, spend more. I always find incredibly fascinating the ‘effortlessly chic’ that Parisian women transmit through the streets. Always elegant, always stylish, but somehow, always simple and natural.

A style I very much relate to. I think fashionwise Paris would always suit me. The non-trend-driven atmosphere, where inspiration is at every corner. Home to fashion houses like Chanel and Dior. Yes, Paris would definitely suit me!

I have been more and more inspired by Chanel recently. For my birthday, Chris got me the ‘Chanel catwalk‘ and since then I´ve been dreaming of a Chanel wardrobe. The Chanel catwalk is a book portraying every Chanel collection ever created by Karl Lagerfeld until 2016. It’s a huge source of inspiration, so much detail and, of course, so much bouclé. I have included this inspiration in my recent makes, first on the Chanel inspired skirt I made embellished with authentic vintage Chanel buttons (see here), and later choosing a blush bouclé fabric when making my Fern shorts (see here).

After a skirt and shorts, what I was missing was the classic jacket! The bouclé jacket is an icon of Chanel. A beautiful timeless piece replicated over and over throughout the years. Last season, I was lucky to find a Chanel-like bouclé jacket at Mango. The jacket could be bought separately but was launched with a matching skirt, a perfect two-piece suit. It was love at first sight and the combination only looked better when paired with my black Mary Janes.

Outfit details

Blazer & skirt  – Mango; Shoes – Mint & Berry (available here); Blouse – Zara (similar here); Ring – Pandora (available here)








Shot by C.E.; Edit & Concept by The petite Cat


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While the look I’m wearing here is more on the chic side and not so much an everyday outfit, I thought of sharing with you some ideas to achieve that perfect French girl style wardrobe!

Investing in classic pieces will take you a long way. Think tailored jackets and blazers, cigarette trousers, a versatile white-blouse. These pieces are essentials that never go out of fashion and if you invest in good quality garments they can last you a really long time.



 Shoes for comfort! Kittens heels, flats, and block heels are my favorite kind of footwear to keep true to my style while feeling comfortable. You can walk everywhere with them, cycle in them and run when you need to. Having a decent range of comfortable shoes in neutral colors is always a plus!

Kitten heels, flats, & block heels


Accessories are my favorite part! I’m a tights lover. In the autumn and winter, you will very rarely see me wearing trousers. I also love to wear little pearl earrings, sunglasses, and scarfs. All little details that can add that so much to a look!



Have a lovely week and let me know what your thoughts are on this look!





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