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It is getting pretty cold now, with predictions of snow for early next week! Brrrr! So warm knits are indispensable and that is what I have been focusing on last few weeks. I’ve made a kimono/cardigan (see here)  and now using what was left from that fabric I made myself a sweater. My first DIY sweater is very cozy and I added some twist at the end to my original ideas. I’m very happy with the result and hope this tutorial can help you make one too!

For this project no pattern is needed. You will cut your pieces based on another sweater you own that is a bit more loose fit, since this is the look we are aiming for.

Fold your fabric and laying the folded sweater on top cut around it, avoiding the sleeves, and leaving some sewing allowance. Do this two times. In one of them you will now cut the neckline a bit more with the shape you will like to have for the front of your neckline. Mine looks like this:



Then pin the two pieces (right sides together), sew along the shoulders and the sides leaving the armholes open. Since I don’t have an overlocker I used a stretch needle and zig zag stitched all my seams.



When you turn it it should look like this:



For your sleeves, fold the fabric and the lay a sleeve from your old sweater on top of it. Cut around leaving sewing allowance and choose the length you would like for your sleeves. Mine are 3/4 sleeves. Sew along the side seams.



To attach the sleeves place them inside the sweater (right sides together), like showed bellow, and sew all around the armholes. You may then turn your sweater to the right side.



I then measured the size of my neckline (here I mean the total perimeter of the hole). I cut a piece of fabric (rectangle) that is shorter in length than the neckline perimeter and has around 6 cm height. The reason it needs to be shorter is so that the neckline lays flat after sewing. Sew the rectangle together to make a band. Folding that band in half (along the length), you need to attach it to the neck hole (right sides together) as showed bellow. You stretch the rectangle piece as you go to match the size of the hole. Sew it together and then iron it for a perfect finish.



To finish the sleeves I used the same technique as for the neckline. Measuring the size of your arms, at the point your sleeve finishes, make two bands (one for each side) that match the size of your arm. This will be again smaller than the aperture you have. Just stretch and pin as before, and after sewing it in place you’ll have the effect showed bellow.



I was initially planning to leave this as a very long sweater with a simple hem. But when I tried it, it looked a bit boring to me. So I got my scissors and cut it shorter. Then I used the same idea as for finishing the sleeves. Measuring my waist I made a band to match it and attached this band to the bottom of my sweater (as seen for neckline right sides together).



This twist at the end gave this sweater a really fun look! And there you go. A cozy fun sweater for this Winter!



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions or would like to share some thoughts just leave a comment bellow. I would very much like to help if you need more instructions. Don’t forget to share with us if you give it a try!





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