Geek meets chic – Cosmos Collection by Valentino

Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2015 is absolutely breathtaking! I’ve never seen something so feminine, elegant, something so so beautiful! They’ve got butterflies, flowers, hearts, and a lot of beautifully embroidered gowns. I could write about all of them, because all the pieces I’ve seen are worth mentioning, but to keep it within a post, I’ll cover only my favourite collection. Just take a look…


As a PhD student in Astrophysics, it comes as no surprise that I’m particularly in love with the Cosmos collection.  This collection features dresses, t-shirts, trousers, shorts, boots, handbags and a cape, all decorated with stars, moons, planets and constellations over a dark blue sky. A dream come true right?  They’ve also got some items for men, and I find them quite fascinating. Now, I always avoid dressing geek. I could enumerate a handful of reasons, but let’s just say that mostly geek clothing is not that flattering, at least to me. But Valentino’s Cosmos collection is just something else. Yeah it is geek, but it is the geek chic and I really wouldn’t mind going full geek with these gorgeous outfits, wouldn’t it be for my correspondent “geek” PhD salary… Oh well, I can still dream about that beautiful gown and how it would make me the most confident girl during my PhD defense!

Take a look and let me know which one takes you to outer space!










Photos – Valentino


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    1. I know the feeling Smriti :( I had to think twice before I shared this collection, because it’s painful in the end… But we can still dream :) And get inspired! But I say Astrophysicists should have a discount on this one ;)

  1. O.M.G. Those full gowns, the long skirt, and the first minidress: perfection!
    (Although for our defenses we would want to wear a slip under the gowns)

  2. Amazing collection for sure from Valentino’s!! My favourites are the one from the third girl model and from the last one. Of course, for me they are for totally different occasions, the last one being more formal. Great post Cátia!! I wasn’t aware of this new collection from Valentino’s!! Let’s all become geeks but chicks!! Xx

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