Flared jeans – Why I love them



Guys seriously, it is freezing in the Netherlands. Thus, this time I’m styling my flared jeans with a warm sweater and an overcoat. I truly love flared jeans and in this post I’m going to tell you why!

















Pictures by Elodie Burrillon

A Winter proof look. This sweater is really warm, I got it at a very cute store in Utrecht, the Paperbird Concept Store – really recommend visiting, they have the cutest things! It looks very simple, but it has a special detail that made me fall in love for it. The sides in this sweater are open, giving it a very stylish edgy feeling (you can see the detail in this post). I wear it with a t-shirt underneath and keep warm all day. To be in the outside, I wrap myself in a classic overcoat – I love classic overcoats! Did you notice yet? The nude bag brightens the look a bit, otherwise I feel it is too dark. The flared jeans were in a friend’s closet for some time, and I’m very happy to give them a new life. Flared jeans are back as a trend, as you can find them at any store. So if you got rid of your old ones, or don’t fit them anymore (like me!), get yourself a new pair and go have fun, in a 70’s spirit.

I don’t always follow all the new trends. I will follow them if I like them and if they suit me. When it comes to flared jeans, I’m so incredibly happy to be able to wear them again. The reason is very simple. They really suit me well. Skinny jeans may be wonderful, if you’re skinny and preferably tall. I’m not tall and I’m not skinny, so skinny jeans never felt quite right to me. I have big hips and short legs. I feel that the flared jeans help my body to look more proportional while making me look taller. I still have skinny jeans, and I feel comfortable with them if I’m wearing heels. But sometimes I just really feel like putting on some flares. If you’re interested, I have posted a Fall look with this jeans that you can see here. I’m looking forward to wear them in the Spring as well!

What do you think of this look? Are you convinced to get back to the flared jeans or not yet?

And what are your favourite jeans? Do you have a special model that you feel is more flattering for your body shape? Leave a comment bellow and let us help each other to find the perfect pair of jeans! Very curious to know what you think! Have a nice week, I’ll talk to you soon!



Shop the look

Coat – Benetton (available here)

Sweater – Paperbird Concept Store (similar here)

Flared Jeans – Lee (vintage, similar here)

Bag – Mango (similar here)

Boots – Zara (similar here)




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  1. I love my flares and love seeing anybody who loves them also even if they are not in fashion I still wear mine. I’m curvy with skinny calves and ankles so skinny jeans look weird on me but flares even me out and make me feel glamorous paired with heels I feel very chic and confident and it shows and I like to be different. Fab post glad to see someone else rocking the flared Jean.

  2. Loved the store!! :) I didn´t wear my top yet but I am hopping that summer come soon to try my brand new piece from paperbird store!! :) For me the jeans I like the most are the skinny jeans! Love them! xx

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