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It’s finally here! My latest and most exciting sewing project, a faux fur coat! It’s easy to make, and it’s warm, and it’s glamorous! Oh and fluffy. It is very very fluffy!















I’m so happy to finally have finished a sewing project. It has been a while. Since Christmas that I couldn’t find the time or mood to get to it, but now that I did I feel I can go non-stop again. I’m just keeping my sewing tools spread over the living room table so that everyday I can do a few stitches before going to sleep (New Year’s goals).

About this project – I got the fabric in the fabric market in Utrecht (which happens every Saturday, and where you can find me almost every Saturday!). It was not terribly expensive – I think together with the lining and the thread the whole thing was below €35. This is much cheaper than the faux fur coats you see hanging in the stores and I really really wanted one. Faux fur coats are one of the biggest trends this Winter (read more about this trend here). You see them in different colours, fur lengths, and you see all the girls wearing them to fashion week.

Faux fur is trendy, and women of all ages are wearing it in coats and accessories. This has been one of the reasons for me to love these coats. I’m an animal lover and I would never wear a real fur. And so it really, makes me happy to promote and wear faux fur. It is beautiful, it is warm, it is fake and it is chic.

So I chose a fabric with long fur in patches of white and grey (because the other thing I love about faux fur coats is that they can be so bold!). I followed a tutorial by Lindsay, from Design by Lindsay, which also includes a free pattern (yay!). You can check the tutorial and download the pattern here. Lindsay also describes all the tips and tricks to work with faux fur.

It was all pretty straightforward. The pattern and instructions are great. I picked the smallest size, which was good for me, and still removed ~7cm on the sleeve length – yes, I’m pretty petite. Sewing with the faux fur was not complicated, just a bit of a furry mess all around, but I have a cat so a furry mess is just my daily life. I used a standard needle and normal straight stitch, just a bit longer than usual. I fully lined the coat and this for me was the trickiest bit. Since I had never lined a coat before, I was for a while staring at the way the sleeves are attached. It looks really weird, but when you turn it around it all falls in place! It’s like magic.

In my last picture you can have a sneak peek of how I styled this coat. The full look is now online here. This is not an everyday coat, but for the right occasion I think it can really be a key wardrobe piece. What do you think?




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  1. Sewing = magic and that’s why I love it so much! Awesome coat, I have several on faux fur coats on my DIY wishlist but I live in a tropical climate so that’s not gonna happen, hahaha!

    1. Hey Ayida,
      You can come on vacation to the Netherlands almost any time of the year and wear one hahaha

      It was a really rewarding project and I want to make another one next winter ;)


    1. Hi Lindsay!
      I’m so glad it turned out nice! Was my first ever coat and your pattern was just great for it!

      Thanks for sharing awesome patterns and sewing tips with us!


  2. Catia you are really talented! This coat is unbelievable, and I find very hard for me to like faux fur coats, but this one is gorgeous! I love it and it fits you amazingly! Congratulations on this sewing project!! xx

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