Duck tales


For me, one of the greatest things about living in Utrecht is the close contact with nature. Utrecht is a fantastic city and I enjoy having nearby all the things a city has to offer. From good shops, restaurants, cultural events, you name it. But my favorite thing in Utrecht are the green spaces.

Beautiful parks, adorned by lakes and canals.

Amongst all the life you can find in these places, ducks are the most common and after all these years I’m still not used to it. I still have a smile in my face cycling to the office every day because I happen to cross one of these parks and see the ducks. Talk about appreciating the little things in life, right?

So when I was in Portugal for Christmas holiday I had a good day of shopping (and catch up) with my friend Alexandra and that’s when I found this shirt. It was one of those moments when you look at it, decide it needs to be yours and just wave it to your bestie for confirmation, get the approval and join the queue to pay (yes, the ‘holidays queue’!). But look at that adorable print, isn’t it worth it?

I was still waiting in the queue to pay when I imagined that the shirt would look best with an A-line skirt, which pattern I had been wanting to try for long and a fabric that I thought exactly matched was waiting in my stash. Well, turned out later it doesn’t exactly match the shirt, but it matches the heads of the ducks, so still matching.

I went ahead and made the skirt. It’s a pattern by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons (a former British Sewing Bee contestant) and the fabric is just a left over from my Burda dress that I last showed you here. Details of the skirt will be live on the blog later this week. For now here’s the look. The location as you can guess wasn’t hard to pick.

Outfit details

Shirt – Mango; Skirt – handmade by The petite Cat; Boots – Steve Madden









Pictures by C.E.

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Unfortunately, the shirt has sold out on the website meanwhile. I did share it recently on my Facebook page as one of the ‘Cute find of the day’ picks, and at that time it was still available. So keep checking out my page here, to have more updates! But if you’re lucky you may still find it in one of the physical stores, who knows. An alternative could be this or this blouse. Same style, but different prints. If you would like to see some more details from the skirt just stay tuned. The post will be up soon!

I wish you a great week and don’t forget to leave a comment. I’m always curious to know what you make of my outfits!





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  1. I love that top!!! The deep teal/green colours are great too, definitely adding that to my wish list this coming winter.

    I love the green spaces in The Netherlands cities, I still have many fond childhood memories going to feed the ducks, swans and best of all the deer. Not like New Zealand doesn’t have enough green, it’s just different in a park in the city. Will have to come back to visit! Enjoy x


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