Classics for me are a black blazer over a white top, that pair of tailored trousers that go with everything, a red lipstick, and my favorite shades because no one needs to know how tired you feel on a Monday morning.

A black suit and white shirt combo are the classic interview attire, the safe bet that accommodates exactly in between underdressed and overdressed, neither too much nor too little, the right amount of neat.

It has been some years since I last worried about interview dress codes. The last time I interviewed for anything was Ph.D. positions.  And now, being in the last year of my Ph.D., I’m well aware that job hunting season will be here soon. Even though I’m not sure yet what I’ll wear, or even what I would like to interview for (talk about career choices!), I know I’ll be pairing my outfit with these classic kitten heels.

Kitten heels have been taking women places since the 50s. The minuscule heel, just a few centimeters tall, can take you from the office to the dancefloor with the classy touch of a stiletto and the comfort of a ballerina. They’re gorgeous, they’re very wearable and they’re a must have this season!


Outfit details

Blazer – H&M (similar here); Top – Mango (similar here); Trousers – Only (tutorial here); Shoes – Mango (similar here); Bag – Mango (similar here)








Pictures by C.E.

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These are my second pair of kitten heels and like my other ones in pink (last seen here and here), they can elevate any outfit without compromising on comfort!

While I have the pair of shoes sorted, I don’t have an idea yet of what my job interviews will be like. I’m taking the time to ask myself what would I really like to do. The answer isn’t straightforward. I’ve spent half of my life deciding on what I would like to do and the other half working to get there. In my early teenage years, I already knew I wanted to study astrophysics, the whole path I had it in my mind, Ph.D. and all. I went for it, at the time not knowing that a life in academia after a Ph.D. wasn’t exactly what I had dreamed of.

So now the time has come to ask myself (again) what would I really like to do. And while the uncertainty of the future can be suffocating sometimes, the new possibilities that can come with such open decision really bring a breath of fresh air into life. Embracing that feeling I’ll be starting a long path towards finding that answer. A really fun question my career advisor has asked me to answer as a starting point was the following: ‘If you’re really successful, where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ Now think about that for a moment. How powerful and liberating that thought can be. Because essentially, you could be anything.




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  1. Excellent thoughts! I know what you’re talking about – I just finished my PhD (in materials science) and spent quite some time and energy looking for a job last year. I did find it in the end, and so will you! This is such an exciting time – there are so many possibilities!

    1. Yes, the energy… I’ve got plenty of time though as I will only finish at the beginning of next year. At first, I really struggled. I think I just always thought I would want a job in academia. Then I realized that wouldn’t make me happy and for a while, I was really lost. I just never thought there could be something else. Now I’m finally starting to realize that we can be positive after all. Really looking forward to getting to know me better and really excited to know where this will take me!

      Thanks for sharing :) Really hope you’re enjoying your new job!


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