Christmas Giveaway with Organique


This Christmas I am teaming up with Organique Cosmetics to host a fantastic giveaway!

Keep reading to know how you can be the lucky winner!!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to a Beauty Influencers Day with Image Factory to get to know Organique Cosmetics. As the name indicates, Organique is a cosmetics brand whose products are made only with natural ingredients. During my visit to their store in The Hague I was highly impressed. Your attention immediately gets caught by a variety of truly amazing aromas and so it comes as no surprise that one of their main focus is on what is called “aromatherapy”. It allows you to recreate a spa atmosphere at home, with a superior relaxation feeling through all the natural fragrances.

Organique has been in the market for 14 years and their products are available across most countries in Europe. Unfortunately not yet in Portugal, but I hope it arrives there in the near future! In the Netherlands you have the chance to visit their store in The Hague (Korte Poten 23 A) and browse through the delicious aromas and colours of all the cosmetics on display. The best part is that you can also simply order online and bring the exquisite aromas to your home with a few clicks!

Luckily one of you will get to experience all of that for free. Organique has provided me with a fabulous box filled with goodies to giveaway to one of my readers! Yay!  Check bellow what you can win and how to enter the giveaway!




Massage candle


Bath powder


Hand made soap




Algae mask with pumpkin & glucose


Energizing body butter


Coffe & Sugar peeling




NOTE: This giveaway is only open to residents in the Netherlands. I apologize to my lovely readers from abroad and I promise to make up for it very soon!!

To enter the giveaway you have several options, each one assuring you one entry.

  1. Follow on Instagram @thepetitecat
  2. Like The petite Cat page on Facebook
  3. Follow The petite Cat on Bloglovin
  4. Subscribe to our soon to be launched newsletter (on the side bar)

Then simply leave a comment bellow letting me know that you are entering and how many entries I should count for you. If you are already following that counts as well, but you still need to let me know :)


e.g. “Hi Catia! I’m following you on Instagram and Bloglovin. Please count two entries for me.”


You can participate until December, 23rd. The winner will then be picked at random and announced on Christmas Eve through Instagram, Facebook and a small post here on the blog. Excited? Me too! And because it’s Christmas, share the chance of winning with your friends and let them know how they can participate!


Wishing you the best of luck!




This giveaway is now closed! Click here to see the winner.




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  1. Hey Catia! Following you everywhere already except I am on my phone and cannot see the link for the newsletter. So 3 entries for me (potentially 4 if I turn on my laptop ;)) This is so much fun!

    1. Hi Smriti,
      Actually you signed up for the newsletter right in the beginning when I started the blog. You just haven’t received anything yet because I haven’t launched it. Sorry. I really want to have it ready soon :)
      Anyway, 4 entries for you! Happy holidays **

  2. Hi Catia!
    I’m following all the nice stuff you’re posting on Facebook and now also via your Newsletter :)
    Xx, Sammy

  3. Hey Babe!! I know I don´t count because I am in Portugal but anyway I want to contribute…ehehe I am already following you in Insta as you know but now I subscribe to Bloglovin, so two entries for me!! ahaha this brand looks amazing!!! Love it! xx

  4. Hi Catia,
    Just liked your FaceBook page! Didn’t realize I wasn’t already following actually!
    Love Natalie x x x x

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