Knits & lace



Temperatures are dropping and I can’t walk outside without cozy warm sweaters anymore. And since we will have some long months of sweater weather, we have many opportunities to play with outfits and different combinations for our so much loved comfy knits. In this outfit, I’m adding some lace details for a more classy and trendy look!

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It’s Fall time


That’s right! It’s Fall time my dears! Perhaps the best time of the year to live in Utrecht. It gets absolutely gorgeous here and I just wanted to share with you this little path that I cycle through every day. How lovely is it? I’ve also found the perfect fall watch and have a little gift for you at the end of the post. So keep reading!

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When dreams come true


If you follow me on social media, you have probably realized that my sister got married some weeks ago. I shared some bits on my Insta stories throughout the day, and what a happy day it was! However, I did not show you everything. While I put on fancy heels for the ceremony, these were replaced shortly after for some comfortable ballerinas. And not any ballerinas, but my very first Josefinas!

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Sunset at the Marina



This is my last summer look – I promise! I know it’s getting cold. I have already packed away all my summer clothes. But I needed to share with you these pictures we took in the most beautiful sunset at the marina of Lagos! I hope it warms your heart ;)

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All the colors of the rainbow



A bit of color never hurt anybody, isn’t that true? Well, then I believe a lot of it can do only good. Back from holiday and with my batteries charged, all the rainbow colors are not enough to tell you how happy and sweet the last two weeks were. But first things first. Here’s my favorite holiday look. As fun and colorful as life can be!

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Warm days call for off-the-shoulder



The weather has been nice and I made myself another off-the-shoulder top. This time a pink one. I really hope you’re not tired of this off-the-shoulder obsession that I’m in right now, because I’m not done yet! I still have fabric left for at least another top and a dress. Hope you like this one!

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