Bow sweater


Winter season is always hard when it comes to style. It’s very cold here and again this winter I couldn’t find pretty sweaters in the stores. Sure I found some lovely designer pieces, but nothing that could fit my budget looked mildly interesting.  I love my outfits to be simple but still with a special touch here and there and even in winter, some interesting design detailing or fabric pattern would be highly appreciated. So I made myself a sweater, inspired by the latest ‘bow’ trend!


The pattern is from the sewing magazine My Image from Made by Oranges. Made by Oranges is a small pattern company from the Netherlands, but their patterns (like the ones in this magazine) come in several different languages – EN, NL, DE, ES, FR. They were so kind to send me some of their magazines and I decided to give it a try recently.

I picked the sweater pattern ‘m1665a’, from issue 13 of My Image magazine. The pattern is for a simple knit sweater, with a very flattering shape. Not only the side seams are slightly curved but there is also a back seam, which I found a very nice design detail. I picked the smallest size pattern, a size 34, and then adjusted the pattern pieces to fit my ‘petite’ figure.


The fabric was a final sale piece I found at the fabric market in Utrecht for 3 euros(!). It’s a soft and warm beige knit with very low stretch. The sale piece was just enough fabric to cut this sweater.


Sewing the pieces together was really straightforward. I used my regular sewing machine with a zigzag stitch for the seams and a double stitch for a nice finish of the hem and sleeves.


For the final touch, I was inspired by this J.Crew sweater. The bow at the collar is lovely and thought that something similar could look really nice in this sweater. 

The bow is made with velvet ribbon in two sizes, using the shortest one to make the strip that joins the bow in the middle. I handsewn the bow together and then attached it to the sweater with a couple stitches.


I love how cute the sweater turned out and how good it fits me. I like to style it with black trousers and coat (see here) for a higher emphasis on the color contrast, which makes the bow stand out even more.


What do you think of this sweater? Which other sweater patterns would you recommend?

Have a great weekend and happy sewing!






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  1. Love this bow sweater! This is an adorable sweater with cute colour. Sweaters are my favourite outfits. These are ideal for warmth and style. Thanks for sharing.

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