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Hi, gals! Happy Women’s Day! It feels like an eternity since I last wrote something in this little internet corner of mine, but has it happens life got on the way. These last months have been a complete rollercoaster, of happenings, feelings, and life changes. Let me explain.

Back in November I was still happily following my routine; working on my Ph.D. thesis, sewing, knitting, blogging, dancing, regular gym workouts, and some social life. This was for me the right balance at the time. I had a great amount of stress with my thesis submission deadline approaching and filling the spare free bits of my day with activities that energized me really helped to maintain my sanity. But as the deadline got closer this was no longer a viable plan and since mid-December that I went into full hermit writing mode. It wasn’t fun, but it was necessary and at the end not even that bad given the enormous support I had from everyone. And so it happened. By mid-January, my Ph.D. thesis was submitted!

Even after all this time, I can’t find the words to describe that moment. I remember dancing around and crying while calling my family and closest friends to tell them the news. And the next thing I did, after a well deserved long shower (don’t judge me!) and a tiny nap (couldn’t sleep from the excitement), was to leave the house and meet my friend Jill, because for the first time in months that was completely ok and I didn’t need to feel guilty at all about it. This is perhaps one of the most positive changes post-thesis, a guilt-free social life. I’ve been enjoying it immensely! Regarding my Ph.D. it isn’t over yet. Last week I got to know that my thesis has been approved and right now the only thing between me and my doctorate degree is my Ph.D. defense (and a whole bunch of bureaucracy!). I’ll get back to you on that by the end of April ;)


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The submission of the thesis was the first step towards the end of a journey, but it was also the first step towards the beginning of something new. I’m now free to enter the job market and start my career. While the idea of entering ‘adulthood’ is not particularly daunting for me, I do fear what I may encounter along the way. I’m close to getting the highest education degree possible, have quite a good package of technical and soft skills and yet I fear my ambition, drive, and hard work won’t be enough to get me where I want to be. What I learned in these couple months of job search is that given the same set of skills, which I and my boyfriend have at this stage, he’s much more likely to be approached for job opportunities in the same field. But I’m biased towards these issues, right? Perhaps it is just a feeling that I have? It could be, wouldn’t it be for all the research that has been done on the subject. And he sees it too, without me pointing it out. It is just quite clear… This all to say that celebrating Women’s Day mattered 20 years ago, matters today and it will matter for years to come! Equality of opportunities, equality of wages, equality of power is still a utopia in most places around the world, including highly developed countries and highly educated environments.
I’m definitely not OK with this situation and will never be. But I’m hopeful! I’ve seen and experienced friendly inclusive work environments, where inspiring female role models take the lead. And I’ve seen and experienced the great support we can provide for one another, men and women alike. The change depends on all of us and if everyone does all that is in their power to improve it, our children will live in a much better world. I’m hopeful that someday no woman will need to think any extra second more than her male peers about her success, her safety, her right to live and experience the world to the fullest!

Outfit details

Beret – Topshop (available here); Bow blouse  – Handmade by The petite Cat (details here); Coat – Benetton (similar here); Tights – Gambettes Box (get your subscription here); Shoes – Truffle Collection (similar here); Bag – Mango (similar here)

Shot by C.E.; Edit & Concept by The petite Cat


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I think it’s also essential to not be too negative. I’m positive I’ll find a job soon and I’m positive people will eventually accept me for who I am, an ambitious and passionate woman who enjoys to be challenged and solve complex problems, and who loves to wear a bow, a beret, and chic tights. So happy Women’s Day to all you, strong and inspiring women, who constantly support, motivate and push me to go the extra mile!





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