Balmain vs H&M – Coming soon in a store near you

Blouse – €99; Bag – €149; Earrings – €29,99; Boots – €249; Skirt – €79,99

It’s that time of the year again in which H&M brings to the world a mash up with a famous designer. This year, H&M is collaborating with the French couture house Balmain, by the hands of Olivier Rousteing. You probably hear about it already. Now come check the details!

If you have seen any of the Balmain runway shows, these pieces will not be unfamiliar to you. The signature of the house is highly recognisable in the H&M collaboration collection, and some pieces are identical to some true Balmain pieces of previous collections. Balmain is naturally a very expensive brand. The result of the collaboration are still quite expensive items, for H&M standards, but for the first time you can buy something at H&M that was embroidered by hand. How cool is that? I find the collection quite interesting, but to be honest I would only wear any of these pieces on a fancy party. But New Year is coming, so why not?

The collection will be available online worldwide on Thursday, November 5th from 10 a.m., and in selected stores from 9 a.m.

The previous years, designer collaborations disappeared from the stores in a couple hours. So if you want to grab something, be ready and act fast! Below I’ve listed some pieces of the collection, with prices, so you can start your planning!

Blouse – €99; Sandals – 149; Trousers – €79,99; Earrings – €29,99; Bag – €199
Dress – €499; Clutch – €129; Boots – €249; Colar – €79,99; Ring – €14,99
Dress – €59,99; Coat with pearls – €399
Trousers – €299; Blouse – €129; Boots – €179
Long blazer – €129; Party dress – €149
Green dress – €129; Black dress – €149
Trousers – €299; Faux fur coat – €129


What do you think about this collection? Are you going to run to the stores on Thursday to get a piece? I’m still deciding, but I think I’ll get a dress. I can always wear it for parties and I would have a Balmain on my wardrobe!





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  1. Hey Catia!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea! For sure I will try to get something from the first pieces, I love the red skirt, the boots, the black blouse with the pearls on it…love that pieces! Of course all of them are great, but for my style these first items are my favorites. Hope to get them before they disappear!! Thank you girl! xx

    1. It’s pretty cool, right? I’m stuck in a meeting all day, so I’ll try to get something online first thing in the morning! My favourite ones are quite expensive… But some cheaper dresses have a gorgeous shape, that will go good with me ;) Hope you manage to get something too **

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