Autumn colours

Autumn is here and despite the fact that I am much more in favor of the warmer seasons, I am actually excited about this Autumn. Matching the colours in the falling leafs, we are invited to dress the 70’s and embrace this season with the most stylist items yet. I paid a visit to my favourite stores and picked some pieces that can set you up for this Fall, while not disrupting your budget. Take a look…

Denim shirt – €29,99 at H&M; Suede skirt – €29,99 at H&M; Scarf – €9,99 at H&M; Suede boots (beige) – €59,99 at H&M; Suede boots (brown) – €49,99 at H&M; Suede jacket – €99,99 Mango; Flared jeans – €49,99 at Mango.

As seen in many streetstyle icons during last month’s fashion weeks, denim is here and is here to stay. How to wear it best? Double it. Double denim is a must for the season. Just pick your favourite jeans and match them with your denim shirt. But what I am really loving this Fall is the Suède obsession. From boots and handbags, it arrives this season also in the form of skirts, dresses, kimonos and jackets. Be sure to pick a piece and try it also with denim. I absolutely adore the combination!  And the flared jeans are back!! Are you ready for that one?

The fringes are also a strong component in this Fall’s outfits, I prefer them in handbags. Boots are coming in all lengths, but the new favourite is the high knee.


Dress – €49,95 at Zara; Clutch – €49,95 at Zara; Leather boots – €79,95 at Zara.


Dark green and dark red are also to be found in every corner. These dresses are adorable and I love the boots and handbags matches I did for them. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Dress - €39,99 H&M; Bag - €19,99 at Mango; Leather boots - €99,99 at Mango
Dress – €39,99 at H&M; Bag – €19,99 at Mango; Leather boots – €99,99 at Mango


Pastel colours, a lot of flowers and embroidery, will help you go through these more dark days, and there’s a lot of it to be found in the stores this Autumn.


Blouse – €45,95 at Mango; Skirt – €49,95 at Zara; Shoes – €69,95 at Zara. Bag – €39,99 at H&M.


Another interesting come back are the culottes. They’re super fun and I love them combined with lace up flats, which are also a favourite these days.


Blouse – €29,95 at Zara; Culottes – €39,99 at Mango; Shoes – €29,99 at Mango; Bag – €29,99 at H&M


And the leather! It’s not only the leather jacket anymore. Skirts, pants, tops, it’s all allowed! And don’t forget the glitter in the shoes. The more the better!


Blouse – €69,99 at H&M; leather skirt €99,99 at H&M. Leather jacket – €99,99 at Mango. Sneakers – €49,95 at Zara.


This is a really personal style driven outfit picks. I hope you like them! Let me know what you think and what you are dressing this season by leaving a comment below.





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  1. Hey Girl!! I really think you have a great taste when it comes to fashion….I really don´t know what to choose from your outfit picks! Love all them, but I think for me it would suit me better the last outfit with the sneakers. You know I am a sneaker girl! ehehehe Great post Catia! xx

    1. Thanks :D I always must include some sneakers for you, but I actually loved those ones. Maybe I’ll get them. They look comfy, but all that glitter makes them so fancy ;) We will shop together soon ***

      If there’s something you really want, I attached links to all the items, so it’s easy to find!

      Beijinhos ***

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