Autumn classics


Hi guys! I’m back and this time with a proper fall look. This week’s outfit is all about autumn classics, from the pieces I picked, to the colors and the prints.

I haven’t been really inspired lately when it comes to organizing my closet to this autumn/winter. I did clean it and swapped/donated what I knew I wouldn’t be wearing these upcoming months and I realized there was just not many interesting pieces. A lot of it I’ve had for many, many years, and most of it is more comfort wear. All in all not very inspiring.

So I have been thinking how I could update my closet for this season. I started by planning on the color palettes I knew I would love to wear and then scanned what I had and took note of what’s missing. Some of the pieces I decided to make, such as skirts, trousers, and sweaters, and I have been choosing the patterns and the fabrics for each project taking into account the big picture, which is to build a consistent and easily mixable wardrobe that I can get a lot of wear from. The rest I will be looking to buy.

Burgundy is one of my favorite colors for autumn. My wardrobe didn’t have much of it, so I started by incorporating these lovely burgundy loafers from Aldo. I just think they are such a classic pair of shoes, that will go with trousers but also will look fantastic with skirts and dresses and tights. The golden details give them a more feminine look, which really goes well with my style. Burgundy works well with caramel colors and black, so I combined the loafers with tailored black trousers, a romantic floral blouse with a Victorian neckline, my trusted trenchcoat, and my old leopard print bag. Such combination of colors makes for a beautiful autumn palette.

Outfit details

Trench coat  – Morgan (similar here); Blouse – Zara (similar here); Shoes – Aldo (available here); Trousers – H&M (similar here); Bag – Sacha Shoes (similar here); Ring – Pandora (available here)







Shot by C.E.; Edit & Concept by The petite Cat

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This is why I find planning so important. You can build upon what you already have, be critical about what you really need and create a more compact, more wearable, and more sustainable and conscious wardrobe, without compromising style ;)


How are you planning your wardrobe for fall?



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  1. I love your colour and pattern combination in this post! It is absolutely Autumn look! :)

    The burgundy is my favourite too in the colder months and I try to plan my wardrobe consequently as you do. You always give me such a good ideas, thank you!

    Have a nice day,


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