A little girl’s dress



I just finished this little girl’s dress. This is the cutest project I completed so far! Don’t you think?



















We now have some baby nieces and nephews in the family, and that makes it extremely difficult for me to resist cute fabrics, because I have the excuse to buy them. When I do, a completely forget that I don’t have that much free time and that I already make plans for my days as if they had 48 hours instead of 24, but well it’s a very fun experience and I get to learn new techniques and practice old ones. So here we go into knit adventures for the little ones!

I bought the fabric from Keetje Knutsel Fabrics (available in final sale here). I added yellow rib knit fabric for the neckline and for the sleeve cuffs, since I really liked the yellow to stand out and match the little girl’s hair. For the same reason I thought it would be sun to use yellow thread. I sewed everything with my normal sewing machine, using a zig zag stitch to keep the stretch of the fabric. I finished the hem with a stretch double needle, to make that nice row of parallel stitches. For this final step I changed the stitch length, and made it a bit longer, and lowered the tension on the machine a bit.

This dress fits for a baby ~9 months old. I self drafted the dress based on a baby’s t-shirt. If I would make it again, I would make the skirt fuller, with more gather and more fabric. But all in all, I’m very pleased with the result. It’s very hard to get it wrong, with such a beautiful fabric!


I’m very excited to post it to my niece and get to know if it fits her! What do you think of the dress? Ideas, tips, suggestions? All very much appreciated!





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