A 2015 recap


After all the lights go down, as we recover from the late nights and parties from the last weeks and as we move into a new year, but more importantly go back to ‘normal’, it is time to settle down and think about what has passed and what is yet to come.

New Fall look – Calling the 70’s (to see here)

2016 is here and I’m really excited for it. However, I’m mostly grateful for the year that has passed and wish that the year to come is at least as good to me as 2015 was.

In a recap, 2015 was a year full of excitement, accomplishments, new projects and fun – a lot of fun.

A whole handmade outfit approved by Aimee

1. Professionally, I have arrived at that point in my PhD where I actually have results. It was very exciting to see that all the efforts we had put in the project were most worthy and that I’m currently finishing my first ‘first author’ paper. YAY! I also gave my first ‘proper’ talk to an audience of ~150 people, and I did not only survive it, but I was able to stick around and enjoy some really nice compliments.

A walk in the streets of London (to see here)

2. I travelled a lot! This year I had the chance to visit really unique places and meet fantastic people. I have been around in France, Japan, Spain, China, UK, Italy and, of course, Portugal. This is probably my record with travelling in a single year. What fun it was!

Knit dress (ongoing project)

3. I embraced sewing as my favourite hobby and made actual wearable clothes! This past year was most exciting for sewing.

Pleated trousers – I made it!

I made a couple of garments that I’m very proud of and got the chance to share with an amazing sewing community that I found by creating an Instagram account and participating in the ‘sewphotohop’; a daily sewing photo challenge hosted by Rachel (from House of Pinheiro). I later on participated also in the ‘instaslipperparty’ hosted by Bridey Davies – which I won, incidentally – with my handmade pink cozy slippers (to see here). I also participated in another daily photo-challenge hosted by Amanda (from Bimble and Pimble) and finally one again hosted by Rachel, ‘sewphotohop’ 12 days of Christmas.

Kitties skirt (with tutorial here)

Thank you so much to all of you who boosted my confidence with my sewing machine and for being such an endless source of fun, support, and inspiration.

The petite Cat blog went online on August, 26

4. I created a blog. This is probably the thing I did the past year that I’m most happy about. I was (and still am) very shy in front of a camera and even on taking compliments on my outfits.

Shine on! Or a New Year’s Eve outfit (to see here)

I think I was mostly afraid people wouldn’t take me serious if I would expose myself in a blog where I mostly talk about fashion and fashion making. I truly love to invent my outfits and wear pretty dresses. I think I have an eye for the prettiest shoes and now I can also create clothes that I imagine in my mind and nobody else will have a copy.

Floral mood (to see here)

I’m so so happy about being able to share it with you and mostly for all your support. I never expected to get such good reactions from all of you. I’m truly amazed! Thank you!

The last of the Sumer in white and lace (to see here)

5. Most important is the recognition for the blog. We’re now just a bit older than 4 months. Together with its social media accounts, ‘The petite Cat’ has a monthly reach of ~1.8k. This number is by no means impressive, but it is way higher than I ever dreamed of 4 months ago. To add to this we have had the chance to host the first giveaway in collaboration with Organique Cosmetics (see here).

Dressing up for a rainy day (to see here)

So, I’m really excited to see what 2016 has to bring and for now my only resolutions are to be strict with myself, stick to my schedule, and do my job properly while still having time for making clothes, shooting outfit pictures, and sharing with you the prettiest stuff I see around. Ow, and keep having fun of course!

Sweater weather with faux leather (to see here)

Wish you all a very happy and successful 2016! Don’t forget to follow on Instagram, Facebook and Bloglovin to keep up with the latest news! And now you can also get inspiration through Pinterest where I am just starting. Ow, and if you curious the most read post last year is to be found here!



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  1. Hey Catia! I am really proud of what you accomplished this past year, you deserved it! I am glad it was a great year for you and thank you for creating this amazing blog, and share your talent with us! You made my year of 2015 better! I hope the aprox. 1.8 k will triplicate this year and more people see how much talent you have. I wish you all the best of 2016 and that all your wishes come true this year! One of my resolutions for this new year is to finally meet you! xx

    1. Tão querida!!! Muito muito muito obrigada a ti pelo apoio que tens side desde o inicio!!
      Very excited to see what 2016 brings to both of us XX

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