The 60’s meets the women of today by Josefinas

Josefinas Twiggy campaign

The new Josefinas Twiggy are the boots of the season and excel in beauty and uniqueness. Inspired by the 60’s British icon, Josefinas re-invented the ballet flats to give life to an elegant high boot. As with all other Josefinas products, the flats/boots are completely handcrafted using superior techniques and high quality materials. The concept starts from a classical model of ballerina, that is then extended up to above the knees through a layer of exceptional genuine leather. I absolutely adore them, and if you know me a bit I think you can guess I would just rock these booties with a mini skirt or a short dress at any time. Because as Twiggy would say  – “Being a grown-up woman does not mean you cannot look beautiful, individual and different.” And these boots are just that!  More good news, for us normal people, is that the boot has the ability to adjust to your leg for a perfect fit, thanks to the stretch characteristics of the leather used, even if it is a bit more on the full side, like mine ;)

They are available exclusively in their online store, shipping worldwide and are 100% made in Portugal!



The Portuguese brand is also responsible for the most expensive ballet flats in the entire world and does not stop to innovate – apart from the large colourful and luxurious collection of ballerinas, and these wonderful boots, they have just launched a collection of sneakers.

I am in love! What about you? Are you also a mad 60’s fan? And what do you think about this new concept? I would love to hear from you, just leave a comment bellow!





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  1. Very original the idea, but not my style for sure! :) I prefer boots that go below the knee. Due to the originality of the brand I will for sure check their sneakers collection, which I am a really big fan. I would wear sneakers all seasons!! Thanks for this amazing blog Catia!! Xx

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