Styling the silk scarf


The silk scarf is a mandatory piece to have in your wardrobe this summer, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I had bought a cute silk scarf last year in a local market while visiting Shanghai. I didn’t really find a use for it at first, but guess who’s winning now! Silk scarfs are everywhere, they can be worn around your neck, your wrist, your hair… and why not, your waist!

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How pleated is your skirt?

€99,95 by Pepe Jeans (available here)

This week’s shopping post is fully dedicated to pleated skirts. They are as trendy as they are versatile and there are so many styles to choose from. I love pleated skirts (as you can see here, here and here, for example) and making this selection just made me want so many more. Check them out! Who knows you’ll just find your best friend for this summer :)

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A walk in the park


A walk in the park early in the morning is one of the best things to do if you live nearby a wonderful place like this. Around this time of the year, it is particularly interesting to pass by and enjoy the nature and its wonders. Would you guess why? I’m absolutely in love with this shoot! Hope you like it too :)


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Lace-up flats – DIY



In my latest post (here) I told you how in love I am with lace-up shoes. They are everywhere at the moment and are possibly the most desired shoes for this spring/summer. The lace-up flats are a very cute version of this trend and through this easy tutorial you can learn to make your own, which can save you money, and of course because DIY is always fun!

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Happy in pink



This week I’m happy in pink! Really enjoying the sunny weather this long weekend offered, I got my pink fresh coat out and made myself the trendiest shoes of the season, for an ‘almost feels like summer’ look.

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The bomber jacket

€35,99 by Berska (available here)


The bomber is the jacket for this season. It comes in interesting fabrics, heavily embroidered and meticulous details. The bomber is no longer a utility jacket. This season it is elevated to a ultra feminine fashionable piece and will be hanging around for a while. Have you grabbed yours? Here is my selection of the best bombers for spring.

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Who makes your clothes?



This week it’s Fashion Revolution week. This Sunday, on the 24th of April, there will be 3 years since 1,134 people were killed when the Rana Plaza complex, a building hosting mostly clothing factories, collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The victims were mostly women. Since then the Fashion Revolution organisation was born and this week is time to stop and ask, “Who made my clothes?”.

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